September Event 2018 — Apple

[ Music ] [ Music ]>>Hey Siri, what’s the fastest way to Steve Jobs Theater?>>Take a right. Then in a quarter mile, take a– [ Music ]>>Kevin? Shouldn’t you be at the event? [ Sound effect ]>>That’s a serious upgrade. [ Music ]>>Is that it? [ Music ] Tim, it’s here. [ Music ]>>The clicker. […]

Gold Theatrical Trailer | Akshay Kumar | Mouni | Kunal | Amit | Vineet | Sunny | 15th August 2018

Gold…British India! Our country has a record of three gold medals… But, as British India. The British flag fluttering over our heads, kept telling all of us ‘…you are not free!’ Soon India will be independent. And I will take India to the Olympics. Our team will defeat the British in London …and avenge 200 […]

Hurdler Liu Xiang’s Historic Gold Display in Athens 2004 | Olympics on the Record

Home advantage can be a mixed blessing. The support of the home crowd is welcome, but the burden of expectation can be overwhelming. And in Beijing 2008, the entire Chinese nation was looking to one man for glory. This man, Liu Xiang. Few people will ever be able to understand the pressure that Liu Xiang […]

Russia’s most successful gymnast, Svetlana Khorkina’s legend lives on | Legends Live On

She’s a sports legend. She’s a gymnastics legend throughout the world. I paved the way for gymnastics in the 21st century and for the great gymnasts. To stay ten years at this level is something unique. And she has this charisma, a certain attitude that makes you notice her. I’d have a one-on-one discussion with […]

Volleyball Serving Challenge with Dominican Republic Women’s Team

We’re the Women’s Volleyball team, and welcome to the serving challenge.

The Dark Side of the London Olympics (Part 1/4)

[THEME MUSIC] MALE SPEAKER 1: The games of the 30th Olympiad in 2012 are awarded to the city of London. [CHEERING] [MUSIC – GEORGE EVANS, “IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMER TIME”] MALE SPEAKER 2: I’m pretty excited about the Olympics FEMALE SPEAKER 1: Really excited. MALE SPEAKER 3: A moment in history which will never […]

Argentina is shooting for Futsal Gold | Youth Olympic Games

I’m Matias Coronel and I play Futsal. Futsal is a sport in which you need a lot of speed, a lot of technique while being in a reduced amount of space. I play in the winger position, My job is to attack between spaces so we can move forward and to tackle. In 11-a-side you […]

The Badminton Player who doubles as a Fashion Entrepreneur | Day Jobs

DAY JOBS (SCOTT EVANS BADMINTON IRELAND FASHION ENTREPRENEUR) I was probably more nervous going into my second Olympic Games because now I’ve done it once, I should be able to do it again. Then they called my name and I walked out and the whole stadium just went totally insane. It was something really special. […]

Neymar Jr.’s Olympic Dream | Gillette World Sport

Our Olympic focus turns to football as Neymar Jr. and his national teammates prepare to go for gold on home turf. I hope it’ll be a great Olympics for Brazilian people, for all sports in Brazil and that everybody on the Brazilian team gets a medal, especially the football team. It’s the only thing the […]

Basketball & Ice Cream – How an Olympic Champion does business | Day Jobs

DAY JOBS (ANGEL MCCOUGHTRY BASKETBALL ICE CREAM ENTREPRENEUR) There was something special about basketball for me. It is just a peaceful moment out there being on that court. People say, how do you keep your great figure? I say I just eat sweets, ice cream, cookies, cakes. I do have a big sweet tooth, I […]