Odell Beckham Jr. is Kickin’ it with Bayern Munich | OBJ Going Global | NFL

Soccer was what I played when I was three years old. It was the first sport I ever really played, and it was truly my first love. I had the chance when I was about 13, going into 14 year old. I had been playing in these little premiere leagues of soccer, training and practice […]

#Step In Dream Big: Sports Diplomacy with Julie Foudy

One of the things we as women misconstrue growing up is we think that to be a leader you have to be a person in a position of power. Our whole mission is to teach that leadership is personal not positional, that to be a leader you simply have to care enough to raise your […]


how bout me dead one more I say Molly Mike Lincoln er with the buses over I drop one I wear something Wow through the book prevent so how’s it coming interview that yeah he’s what HP oh my god dude how is that not a Carol man so stupid dude vork fucking terrible game […]

Pakistan After Bin Laden

[INTRO PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] SUROOSH ALVI: We’re in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. We’re just two hours south of Abbottabad, where Osama bin Laden was killed recently. And we wanted to see what life was like here post Osama bin Laden, how people are reacting to the fact that he was living here for five […]

n00B’s Tournament – BEST TIME, 17.077!!!

[Music] what up earthlings I’m Dakota welcome back to your favorite channel Friday night and the tournaments are back this time it’s running the noobs tournament it’s a know who is noob open your dictionary and look for legend there you will find his picture this time for his tournament it is a really tricky […]

2017 K-POP World Festival in Changwon | 2017 K-POP 월드페스티벌 IN 창원 [ENG/2017.10.18]

The entire world is focused on Changwon. A burning passion for K-Pop. Taking on the challenge to fulfill their dream. The hot stage to make your heart beat begins now. K-Pop one dream one world. 2017 K-Pop World Festival in Changwon. (Changwon Sports Complex special stage) (K-Pop opening show) (“24K Magic” Bruno Mars by J […]

Globalization explained (explainity® explainer video)

Globalization is a widely discussed topic. It is, therefore, not all that easy to explain. As it’s such a complicated term in simple words. Let’s start from the beginning with a background to globalization. Advances in technology such as mobile phones, airplanes, telephones and the internet have made the growth of transport and communication networks […]

Stronghold Kingdoms – Tournaments Update

Hello and welcome to another Stronghold Kingdoms video. Today I’m going to be taking you through our new tournaments update. Woah, hold your horses there, Nick. We’ve got an important announcement. We’re celebrating 25,000 subscribers – oh, I don’t know what the hell that was. 25,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel. If you want to […]

Red Bull Player One | 1v1 League of Legends Tournament

Once there was a kingdom. This kingdom was ruled by three wise regions. Everything in this realm was filled with joy and happiness. It was nothing but pure magic. But this kingdom was accessible to no one. In their wisdom the Kings decided to grant access to their land to one and only one brave […]

The Dark Side of the London Olympics (Part 1/4)

[THEME MUSIC] MALE SPEAKER 1: The games of the 30th Olympiad in 2012 are awarded to the city of London. [CHEERING] [MUSIC – GEORGE EVANS, “IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMER TIME”] MALE SPEAKER 2: I’m pretty excited about the Olympics FEMALE SPEAKER 1: Really excited. MALE SPEAKER 3: A moment in history which will never […]