Dunk Tank FIFA | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect. I’m Ty– And I’m Gar– And welcome to our brand new series, Games With Consequences. Hey, coach we’ll call you when we’re ready. Just give us a sec here. And we have got a wonderful match up tonight. We have got a little Dunk Tank FIFA. What a treat. Gar, why don’t you […]

N. Korea offers to host Pyeongchang Olympic Games with S. Korea 조선신보 “펑창

North Korea has offered to host some of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic games alongside South Korea. The pro-North Japanese newspaper Choson Sinbo reported Friday that Pyongyang said its Masikryong ski resort could be used for events… as it′s close to Pyeongchang and the facility meets global standards. It went on to quote North Korea […]

20th Anniversary of Atlanta Games – Michael Edwards

Any time anybody asks me about the Olympic Games in 1996 in Atlanta, first thing that comes to my mind, amazing. This is the largest sporting event in the world. I had overall responsibility for two stadiums– the swim stadium and the water polo stadium. We had 31 functional area managers and 3,000 volunteers. We […]

FIFA Mobile New 99 OVR Tournament Winner Cristiano Ronaldo Gameplay vs 107 OVR! Insane Bicycle Goal!

All right here we go Stopde Nation. It is now time the winners of the Champions league [are] now here. So real Madrid obviously won over Juventus. I thought I was going to be Juventus So I picked wrong, but I didn’t even actually finish all of the sets for them anyways But the Chiellini […]

Les Pitches vous expliquent : the Olympic Games

the peaches was exploit the whole Olympic Games will tell you more about them did you know that this international sporting competition is organized every four years or in other words an Olympiad a unit of time equivalent to four years the first OG were held in around 776 BC at the foot of Mount […]

Zlatan does the Sky Sports David Beckham Ad! (Parody Advert Ibrahimovic)

Zlatan does the Sky Sports Advert, but better. Parody. It’s Sky Sports biggest ever season with 126 live Premier League games. Who knows what to expect! Vardy!!! He’s broken the record again! Pfff… you mean Zlatan has broken the record… No, I meant V … What?! Yes, I meant Zlatan! Zlatan has broken the record! […]

I LOVE SPORTS BALL! | Rec Room (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

Top of the morning to ya ladies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to a game called Rec Room For the HTC Vive Its a game where you get in and do basic Rec Room stuff. I can go in and I can play with some balls You can play tennis Different types of things […]

RIO 2016 JUEGOS OLIMPICOS – Olympic Games Elije tu Atleta favorito! Choose the best athlete Play Doh

Hello friends Today we are modeling the Olympic Games Rings The Olympic Games are the most important sports event where participates athletes of all parts of the world This games are celebrated from long time ago The first one was played in Greece Athens They are played every four years, in a different city This […]

“Lifeguarding the Flame” (OLYMPIC GAMES), Luny & Milky Show #13

O show da Luny e da Milky “O nadador salvador da chama olímpica” Está um lindo dia, e a Luny e a Milky estão a jogar à bola. Mas elas nem poderiam sonhar com a novidade estavam para receber. Meninas… …tenho bilhetes grátis… …para vocês poderem ir aos Jogos Olímpicos com o papá amanhã! Yupi!! […]