TGT Pirate Rogue Deck – Grand Tournament Experrriments! [Hearthstone Season 17 Legend Gameplay #27]

experiments and because I got too cold and Buccaneers like these little guys at the sky captain Craig whose child are sky I’m kind of feeling inclined to try Pirate road and I’m not sure about the list at all I might have missed some burgers or some type of car it’s like maybe sapir […]

Tennis (by Rizatch) – Game Grumps Animated

Boop a dee beep, boop. [Arin laughs] A: Tennis! D: Tennis! A: Tennis? D: And…tennis. A: Mmm…tennis! D: Tennis! A: [deep inhale] A: Tennis. D: Have you considered…tennis? A: Awwww, tennis. D: Awwwww, tennis. A: Mmmmmm… A: ᵗᵉⁿⁿᶦˢ. D: Tennis. A: Tennis. D: Tennis. A: Tennis. D: Tennis. A: Tennis. [ball boops] A: Tennis. D: […]

Karate Basketball

I came in here for Karate Ba— That… That baby with the fish… That’s lookin— I don’t think you should hold a baby like that, guy on the right with the beard and the beanie… I don’t know… Is that— Is that guy in the raincoat the guy from the… y’know, tha— the frozen fish […]

Tennis World Tour – Career Mode Trailer

Today we’re going to be showing you Career mode in Tennis World Tour. This mode is unique – it’s comprehensive and just like what a real tennis pro experiences. Career mode is essential for learning all the game’s ins and outs and for developing your character. It works like this: once you’ve created your player, […]

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash – Video Review (Wii U)

Oh yeah, a new Mario Tennis game baby. So let’s plug Ultra Smash in and see what epic opening the game has in store. Oh. Well, at least it’s pretty, I guess. And that about sums up Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. It’s pretty–but there’s not much to it. Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s […]

Talking Tom and Friends – Ping Pong Wizard (Season 1 Episode 18)

Ha ha! Missed again, noodle arm! Can you guys keep it down? Yeah, we’re trying to finish Biceptor, our arm-wrestling robot. Sorry. We’re playing slingshot tag, and Ginger is “it.” I’m throwing it now! Oo, you almost got me there, shortstack! He didn’t really almost get me. I’m teasing him. Wink. Hank, if you’re trying […]

Mario Tennis Aces – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

It feels like it’s been a life time since a Mario Sports game has truly had energy behind it but Aces has so much energy that it can use it to control time. For the first time since Mario Strikers Charged, I actually want to keep playing Mario Sports. The mix of pure Tennis and […]

[UT99] k1ck-hypno and Psy Interview [ENGSUB]- Meo XLParty Clickfiel 1v1 Tournament

WWE 2K20 My Career Mode Gameplay Part 19 Finding The Undertaker

and that’s how I won my first Smackdown live women’s championship that totally sucked the air out of the room that’s why I wanted to skip over that part of the story I’ll distract him with the visual aid with everything we had accomplished we were really starting to cement our legacies especially in our […]

Blue Span Immortal Dota 2 ROAD TO TOP 500