Jeopardy: Tournament of Champions Gets Fifty Shades of Grey on Twitter

-Well, you guys, the NFL playoffs are in full swing, and there are so many big matchups this weekend. You have Vikings versus the 49ers. You have Seahawks versus Packers. And you have Prince Harry versus the royal family. And… [ Cheers and applause ] But listen to this. I heard that the Green Bay […]

Anna Konda & Berlin’s Female Fight Club: VICE INTL (Germany)

Rescue Dog Funny Reaction to GIANT Tennis Ball: Try Not To Laugh

Joel Kinnaman Accidentally Instagrammed Himself Watching Soccer Naked

-Can you tell everyone the Instagram story or you don’t want to tell people that? -Yeah. You know, I struggle with this Instagram thing, you know? So, I was shooting — I’m shooting “The Suicide Squad” in Atlanta right now. And, yeah, it’s going really well. It’s going really well. James Gunn is a genius. […]

⚽ Rainforest Rules Soccer 🌳 Gringos vs Team Peru 🇵🇪 Funny GoPro Soccer deep in the Amazon Jungle

Ya Fil! Up Front Another slide Goal! Woooo! Me and you Fil with the ninja kick No goal Next goal wins all or nothing, it’s close enough right? [birds chirping] Robbie, Robbie, GOAL!!!! [Obnoxious cheering] Gringos, Gringos, Gringos… Free beer, free beer! In Peru Gringos, gringos there, they got one in to feel good at […]

Basketball Belly Maternity Costume!

Welcome to Pins and Things! Today, we’re going to be making this awesome maternity costume. What you’re going to need is a basketball jersey, shorts that match and I just got these at a thrift store Super cheap. Also I have these Socks that I just painted with stripes. This is so cliche Basketball right? […]

Toe wrestling contest held in China

it was a case of putting your best foot forward for these contestants in a toe wrestling competition dozens of contestants went toe-to-toe at a water park in Chongqing city China more than 80 participants including children fought hard to win the unusual and smelly contests footage of the competition was released by China News […]