Soccer Ball Rescue! Nerf Battle With The Super Hero Kids!

>>I bet I can kick that ball farther than you.>>No, you can’t.>>Yeah, I can. Wait! I’ve never been in this neighborhood. Where are we?>>I don’t know. Did you get us lost again?>>Um… I think we have to go that way.>>Oh great. We’re never gonna find our way home.>>This drink is freezing.>>What are you doing out […]

How To Make DIY Basketball Game with Cardboard – DIY Hacks

How to make Basketball game with cardboard Take a cardboard and a color paper Add glue to stick the paper to create a base Cut the corners for better finishing Base is completed We will create the pole now Cut the board in “T” shape and glue it will a color paper for better finishing […]

TGT Pirate Rogue Deck – Grand Tournament Experrriments! [Hearthstone Season 17 Legend Gameplay #27]

experiments and because I got too cold and Buccaneers like these little guys at the sky captain Craig whose child are sky I’m kind of feeling inclined to try Pirate road and I’m not sure about the list at all I might have missed some burgers or some type of car it’s like maybe sapir […]

WORLDS BIGGEST BOX FORT!! 24 Hour Challenge: Basketball Court, NERF WAR, Segway & More!

Wow did you throw the 5/4 see you guys in the morning Jake what are you looking at I’m so bored I’m looking a board on Google Images that sounds like fun no no it isn’t look it isn’t function bzees little good to be out there make it fast that’s my Colin you know […]

Belgrade: Cradle of Basketball

Welcome to Belgrade, the city of great basketball tradition and the city of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four tournament in 2018. My name is Vladimir Stanković. I am 69 years old and I’m a journalist; I will be kind of your guide during this documentary on Belgrade’s and Serbian basketball. We will try to […]

Crazy Basketball Dunk Contest! 🏀 (w/ Surprise Mystery Guests!)

6-Foot Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball

Even though it’s the world’s most popular sport, not everyone’s excited about soccer. And even if they love it, they’re not necessarily excited about playing it. Until now. Introducing the Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball, which stand at an impressive six feet tall. This super-sized sphere is made from durable vinyl like a behemoth beach ball. […]

O Futebol Classico | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows