Men’s Basketball Highlights at Duke 10-27-18

125 43 that 30 is answered on the other end by Andrew Meacham O’Connell to the bucket as that one turned away by add way 15 points 8 rebounds in 17 minutes no Duke players played more than 20 other than RJ Barrett with 25 finish inside from add way all the W’s afterwards just […]

Players unite during Ramadan night cricket tournament

Allah hu akbar. I’m going into the prayers now, ok? We host about 300 plus people over here from the community. Quarter to nine, we’re done with that and then the prayer ifhtar starts which is a special player for the month of Ramadan and then at 10:30 I get dressed change and I head […]

Liverpool vs Napoli 1 – 0 – Champions League 2018

Liverpool advanced to the last 16 of the Champions League with a tense 1-0 win over Napoli at Anfield. Mohamed Salah scored the only goal of the game in the 34th minute, finishing past David Ospina from a tight angle. Needing to win to qualify, Liverpool spurned a host of chances to add to their […]

BEACH TENNIS – N# 4 Conoce más con Gustavo Staniscia

I’m Gustavo Staniscia, speaking about BEACH TENNIS, a sport suitable for all ages. The LOB is a fundamental stroke, hitting the ball from bottom to top over the opponent to get them away from the net or gain time to regain our position and it can be used with any type of stroke. The SMASH […]

Recap: Women’s Basketball vs. Rhode Island

from Lavietes Pavilion at Harvard this is women’s basketball on NESN tonight the Harvard Crimson close out the decade with their final non-conference tune up against the Rhode Island Rams outside goes Jones regard from hybrids New Jersey and it’s turned over again third give away in the first quarter by URI Barta thought about […]

Futsal Skills ► Futsal Game ► Progressive Soccer Training

I’m uploading footage from a recent futsal game of some futsal skills from progressive soccer training please like, comment, and share this video thanks for watching please remember to like this video of futsal skills and futsal game highlights from progressive soccer training thanks!

Watch artificial intelligence project a 3D soccer match on your kitchen table

When the soccer World Cup kicks off this Thursday, imagine watching it as 3D “holograms” on your kitchen table. That may not be far off thanks to a new technique that turns YouTube videos into 3D reconstructions of matches. The key to the approach is a convolutional neural network – a type of artificial intelligence […]

Men’s Soccer an International Family at Boston University

Soccer is probably the only sport that’s truly played every place in the world. When you’re a soccer player, you’re a soccer player. And you’re being judged on how well you play soccer and not where you come from or what your religion is or anything like that. BU has always been an international student […]

Best Of Freestyle Football at Red Bull Street Style

On the stage, we have two players one ball and three minutes every 30 second We have changing after the battle after determining the touch to the best The judges are looking for five criteria, which is difficulty all-around originality execution and control So Paulo Brazil 2008 the stage is set for the beginning of […]