Fortnite Pro AM Tournament Highlights | Ninja Wins Pro AM Tourney 【Fortnite Battle Royale】

and what in That’s what we were waiting for, that’s what we’ve waiting for this whole time CDNtheThird held up the line for this. all the way in man the new days passing out pancakes Been throwing out pancakes. Oh, my goodness. Great all we need is some booty Oh’s. CDN is a big man. […]

Fish sticks Fortnite Pro-Am Tournament 2019 lobby scene animation

[Music] your outfit man it’s just not screaming and say no dust squad you’re crazy this is the best I am a fish walking on land breathing the air that is intimidated No go change are you serious go change or your office squad fine I’m so tired of this it’s like he’s not taking […]

Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 💥

It’s show time OH MY GODDDDDDDDD!!! AHHHH! DISGUSTING! Blastoise! Now you’ve done it! OH NO!!! Hit em baby! G O O D L U C K ! I won!? Ah so Ditto wins. This time. Professor what just happened? That was a simulation to see which Pokemon would win in a “battle royale” based on […]

14 Year Old Ninja WINS $1000 at MY FORTNITE TOURNAMENT!

hey guys how you doing so Game four of my $1,000 is here today so he’s already for whiskey yeah are you excited to play now for 20,000 she crowds yes yes so let’s do that not tonight so yeah I’m not that girl you know it’s up to you right now you are the […]

What Fortnite Players SAY AT 3AM

so I don't know about you guys but I don't fall asleep until like 3:00 a.m. and honestly being up that late it's quite boring like I either watch movies and or just play games which I'm not good at but I never actually find myself playing the one game there is fortnight so I […]

SYMFUHNY *GOES OFF* on CLIX for STREAM SNIPING him! (Fortnite Trios Tournament)

that way it's this you know this is come on anyway it's off clicks are you serious that is the most 14 year old shit I've ever seen in my fucking life that's like actually annoying holy shit that was actually good drop a like and subscribe in the next three seconds or one of […]

FaZe Sway & Ninja *STREAM SNIPE* PROS in FORTNITE FRIDAY Tournament!

drop a like and subscribe in the next three seconds so this spider will crawl in your ear tonight you're getting first rounded I'm definitely not getting first rounded imagine imagine that you're never gonna get first rounded you tell me we're also one subscriber off at 300,000 so hit that sub button and be […]


dude how annoying in my rent a fortnight clips fans want more V buck giveaways make sure to use code fortnight clips in the item shop and we'll continue to give out redemption codes just like this don't forget to Like subscribe and turn on post notifications so you don't miss out have you seen […]

SypherPK ROASTS All Controller Players.. I Can't Believe THIS! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

so I'm running someone's respawning I'm let him respawn oh shit it's different yo the Scopes weight different I just picked it up like a letter I think maybe this guy got me dude I'll call another coming I just let him spray me with an SMG so hard not just me what plate is […]

Streamers React To *NEW* $1 MILLION "Xbox Cup" Tournament! (Console Event)

oh okay hello turn around turn around cause you're gonna fling me I have no idea no hey ass work this way oh oh oh we're done I'm good enough okay enough right now don't like shaking my ligaments are not strong enough dude my my hips are like you're shaking dude holy chaps it's […]