Rise of YouTube: How Google's Video Platform Beat Out Competitors & Dominated Media

today we take for granted that YouTube is the most powerful video platform in the world but how did this company that's less than 15 years old replaced television welcome to this installment of business battlegrounds where we take a look at the rise of YouTube YouTube was founded in February of 2005 and the […]

2019 U.S. Senior & U.S. Junior Championships: Round 2

2019 U.S. Senior & U.S. Junior Championships: Round 1

Tolarian Tutor: How To Be A Better Control Player in Magic: The Gathering

long touted as one of the most difficult archetypes to master control requires insight and stamina to reach its endgame long known for denying their opponents key resources and creatures control players can be seen as cruel and unyielding always saying no and never relenting however there can be times when saying yes is as […]