Control the game with this exercises of Tactical Soccer

Players practice different skills in each grid (for example: juggling moves, turns, specific dribbling technique, etc.) On coach’s command (verba or nonverbal) all groups move to the next grid in a clockwise The group to arrive in next grid last does 10x squat jump or jumping jacks The first player in line dribbles simultaneously toward […]

The Bamboo Soccer Ball

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mr. Puzzle. Today, we will have a look at the Bamboo Soccer Ball puzzle. This one here you see here I purchased from I will put you the link in the description, where you can buy it. But you can find these kind of puzzles all around […]

Learn English Through News: How Does the Soccer World Cup Work?

hi everybody welcome to current events in English a series where we talk about something currently happening in the world something happening now and we learned some vocabulary words and how to talk about it in English in this episode we’re going to talk about world cup the world cup soccer or World Cup football […]

Soccer Song Nursery Rhymes For Babies | Baby Songs For Children By The Supremes

“Hello friends! Ready for a game of Football?” Hold the ball in your hands Bounce bounce bounce Kick the ball all around Kick kick kick Roll the ball on the ground Roll roll roll And shoot it through the goal post Goal goal goal That’s football! Football Yeah! That’s football! Football Yeah! Let’s go to […]

John McEnroe Would Like to See More Trash Talking in Tennis

-How are you? -I am exhilarated to be here. -I thank you very much. -Right. Exhausted little bit from the last couple weeks. But it ended with a blast. I mean, it was amazing match in the final. And Serena got to the final. So that was good. -It was a great U.S. Open. It’s […]

Learn Marcelo Skills | Street Soccer International

so guys as you can see we have got Silas and he’s going to teach you how to do the Marcelo moves first move is a simple move it’s like the Stanley Matthews move we did in the easy skills videos but Marcelo spin on it okay so just want to show us nice ok […]

How to Curve a Football/Soccer Ball – Payet Free Kick Tutorial

Hey and welcome to a new video! Today you’ll learn how to shoot curve free kicks with dip. Soon you’ll all shoot free kicks Dimitri Payet. Let’s go to watch the first step. There you saw a very Payet-like run up: five steps back and two to the side. He likes to make the angle […]

Supa Strikas – Season 1 – Ep 7 – Instinct Extinct – Soccer Adventure Series | Kids Cartoon

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Take on the Defender in Soccer

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson with United Soccer Academy. We are here with Expert Village and today we are talking about dribbling. We are going to introduce some pressure into dribbling, and we are going to look at the basics of how we take on opponent when we dribble the soccer ball. We have to remember […]

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Matthews Turn in Soccer

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson with United Soccer Academy. We are here with Expert Village, and we are talking about dribbling. And today we are going to have a look at turns and moves to beat an opponent. We are going to look at a turn called the Matthew’s turn. This turn I’m showing gets around […]