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TESTING SUPPORTIVE (AND CUTE) SPORTS BRAS | also a savage x fenty try on haul

what's up hi today we're talking about bras now I don't know if that's one of those buzz words like tampons or you're just a little boy from the videocam pawn it is a sharp word but today we're talking about cute and supportive spurts brats not only are there are less options for high […]

GRIND TIME.. 8 DAYS OUT | NPC JR NATIONALS | Men's Physique Competitor

you almost go guys welcome back to a brand new video so today we are currently 10 days out only 10 days left man I'll be stepping on stage at Junior Nationals show on the fizzy see how my hard work paid off I bought a go trade some shoulders my brother I'm sure you […]


well I'm still ill from Austria that's not a lie and we're rocking with Breckenridge you have three days of practice already this is the fourth day of practice for me and then tomorrow is the event which is that seems like quite a long time you had a big show is tomorrow finally but […]

Acne, Fertility Issues in Men, Steroid dosages for Competitors – Ask the Doc

hi guys Dave mathematics and this is ask the dog the first one of 2015 dr. Wrenn how are you fantastic Happy New Year Happy New Year to you we actually skipped a week cause you were on vacation back home in Florida so this is actually don't return to the show for show of […]

Will Bosi Training At The New Olympic Wall | Climbing Daily Ep1433

hello and welcome to climbing daily and welcome to Warwick University in the UK we're here at a sports and wellness hub which is a brand new climbing and training facility this place has got it all lead climbing bouldering speed walls gyms everything a normal climber a punter like me or a world-class athlete […]


if you've ever had this feeling that something was terribly wrong with the world that we live in but you couldn't figure out just what it was then you've come to the right place secret societies mystery religions and the Illuminati have been controlling our reality since the beginning of time but not anymore because […]

We Paid Strangers to Make Us Olympic Gymnasts

hi I'm Megan I'm Sierra and I'm Mikey and we're from TC 2 so I don't know if you guys have seen this trend that's been going around but there's the by this trend where people have been paying strangers to Photoshop or do something with this app called Fiverr so we decided we wanted […]

Bang and Reign Competitor? | Honest Reviews: Quake Energy Drink – Berry Blast

what's going on a bunch of water in Venice he can't stand Gardens before I said this video make sure guys subscribe the channel interpretation I'll stay up to date with all my motherfucking videos follow me on instagram now for fitness for my band defy their dimension on Spotify so got energy drink review […]