Every Sports Debate Show Ever

(dramatic music) – [Announcer] It’s Reaction Time. Presented by Sports Drink. Here’s your host, White Anchor. – Welcome to Reaction Time, where we React Accordingly five days a week, two shows a day. So let’s meet today’s panel. From East Coast Radio Show, Another White Guy. – Let’s do this. – [White] From Midwest Newspaper, […]

Stephen A. Smith’s Closed Caption Transcriber | Hardest Jobs in Sports

– [Narrator] Stephen A. Smith is an outspoken sports commentator known for being overly wordy. – They can’t articulate and elocute the way that I can… – [Narrator] Incredibly bombastic, – Oh! Oh! – [Narrator] And ranting about almost any topic that comes up. – Codine, weed, and alcohol! – And I’m the person who […]

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4 Great NBA Players Who Are Playing in the WRONG ERA!

the MBA and really the game of basketball as we all should know it's constantly evolving like the game in 2019 is completely different than even the game of 2014 or 2013 because it's just completely different players in like 2012 like Dwight Howard they were viewed as superstars back then they actually had trade […]

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