Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 hands-on: bezel control is back

(techno music) – Hey this is Dan from The Verge and this the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It’s the latest smart watch from Samsung and it actually joins the Galaxy Watch Active that was released earlier this year. Samsung is going to be selling both of these at the same time so you […]

GT SPORT 1.41 Update DATE Confirmed!!

hi again guys and so I've got a very quick video just to update you on the 1.4 on patch situation in GT sport of course I already covered the fact on the channel that we've got four confirmed cars check out that video if you haven't seen already possibly rain or weather in general […]

New Cars LEAKED for GT SPORT!! (EK Civic, Porsche 930 + More!)

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 | Football Gameplay on Switch

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game 【東京2020オリンピック】First Look on Nintendo Switch

A Breakdown of Elden Ring [New Game by From Software] ► E3 2019

From software's new game is open-world There will be significant RPG elements its allegedly the largest project today's and It's called Elden ring Elden rings development started just as development for Dark Souls 3 DLC ended As of today that's more than 2 years of development. And while we don't have a release date for […]

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game | 5 Minutes of Gameplay on Switch

Morai Ruins Hard Mode …3 Players?! Lost Ark Epic Dungeon Runs English Commentary

you're serious Oh what we have three people and this still is not freeing what's up everybody kinetic here welcome back to Lost Ark war Berserker for you but we're doing something bigger and better than we've been doing up until now you see this big purple gate right here this is gonna be a […]

First Impressions + Full REVIEW of GT SPORT 1.40!! (No Rain, But is it Good?)

hi guys and welcome to finally my overarching thoughts and review of the entire 1.40 update in GT sport and of course usually I would do this the same day that the update drops but for those of you who saw my community post or who are on the discord server you probably saw me […]

I'm Getting a BMW M8 Competition! | FIRST LOOK

hi guys I'm sure me hello and welcome back to the channel where you join me today at the BMW velt in Munich where they've just presented the brand new BMW m8 competition I am very excited about to announce that I'm going to be getting one of these it's been a secret for a […]