Fire Pro Wrestling World – Overview Trailer | PS4

1989, one title changed the history of wrestling games forever. And now the cult classic returns to the ring by decree of the fans… Fire Pro-Wrestling World. Everything you need to book the match of the century is right here. Customize your wrestler’s appearance, moves, attitude, and even the championship belt, ring, and match rules. […]

Fire Pro Wrestling World – PS4 Gameplay | PS Underground

RYAN: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my god. Yeah. ARI: Hold that trigger? RYAN: Yes. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] KRISTEN: Hey, all, welcome back to PlayStation Underground. You got Kristen here. Today we are playing Fire Pro Wrestling World on a PS4 Pro. I also have Ryan here with me. RYAN: Hello. KRISTEN: Hey. RYAN: Kristen, you’re […]

Fire Pro Wrestling World – Kenny Omega Trailer | PS4

KENNY OMEGA: A new Fire Pro-Wrestling game, huh? I got this. ANNOUNCER: Kenny Omega starting out strong. An elbow to the face. Omega won’t take this sitting down. And a low blow. He’ll be feeling that tomorrow. This can’t be good. It looks like a devastating Pile Driver. KENNY OMEGA: No, not like this. ANNOUNCER: […]

Fire Pro Wrestling World Episode 3 – The Best of Wrestlemania Classics Wrestlemania 5 and 6

what’s going on guys it’s your boy Dago Vic and we are bringing you some more fire pro wrestling world this time we’re throwing it back to 1989 at WrestleMania 5 with Hulk Hogan versus the Macho Man Ray it was titled the mega Powell’s explode for heavyweight championship of the world took place at […]