Naoya Ogawa vs Toshiaki Kawada Fire Pro Wrestling World

The match should end here… But the fight still continue…

Power Pro Wrestling – Bracketology

Twelve wrestlers from around the world. Seven nations vying for dominance. Three tournament blocks. And one chance to capture professional wrestling’s Golden Crown. I’m Johnny Jett alongside my broadcast colleague DK Ressman and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know to get you ready for this season of Power Pro Wrestling. This […]


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Fire Pro Wrestling World – Gamescom 2019 World Wonder Ring Stardom DLC Trailer | PS4


Fire Pro Wrestling World – Fighting Road: 2017 NJPW Junior Heavyweight DLC Trailer | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] Fly high with the NJPW Junior Heavyweights Train to unlock your true potential and fight your way to the championship and beyond. You are the future of the sport! Prove yourself! Fighting Road, 2017 NJPW Junior Heavyweight Championship Call the shots as manager of your own promotion in the Fire Promoter DLC.

Fire Pro Wrestling World how to add wrestlers tutorial

打開 Steam 前往遊戲討論區 前往工作坊 在這裡有許多玩家自己做的摔角手 選擇一位你喜歡的 點擊「訂閱」按鈕 現在進入遊戲 前往「Edit Mode」 「Team Edit」 選擇「Transfer Wrestler」 你在「Retire」區塊會看到最近新增的摔角手 你可以將它轉到先前建立的隊伍 讓我們看看成效如何 現在你可以用新增的摔角手玩了 感謝收看!

Fire Pro Wrestling World – Overview Trailer | PS4

1989, one title changed the history of wrestling games forever. And now the cult classic returns to the ring by decree of the fans… Fire Pro-Wrestling World. Everything you need to book the match of the century is right here. Customize your wrestler’s appearance, moves, attitude, and even the championship belt, ring, and match rules. […]

Fire Pro Wrestling World – PS4 Gameplay | PS Underground

RYAN: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my god. Yeah. ARI: Hold that trigger? RYAN: Yes. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] KRISTEN: Hey, all, welcome back to PlayStation Underground. You got Kristen here. Today we are playing Fire Pro Wrestling World on a PS4 Pro. I also have Ryan here with me. RYAN: Hello. KRISTEN: Hey. RYAN: Kristen, you’re […]

Fire Pro Wrestling World – Kenny Omega Trailer | PS4

KENNY OMEGA: A new Fire Pro-Wrestling game, huh? I got this. ANNOUNCER: Kenny Omega starting out strong. An elbow to the face. Omega won’t take this sitting down. And a low blow. He’ll be feeling that tomorrow. This can’t be good. It looks like a devastating Pile Driver. KENNY OMEGA: No, not like this. ANNOUNCER: […]

Fire Pro Wrestling World Episode 3 – The Best of Wrestlemania Classics Wrestlemania 5 and 6

what’s going on guys it’s your boy Dago Vic and we are bringing you some more fire pro wrestling world this time we’re throwing it back to 1989 at WrestleMania 5 with Hulk Hogan versus the Macho Man Ray it was titled the mega Powell’s explode for heavyweight championship of the world took place at […]