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Cuphead – All Bosses (2 Player)

Game of Zones – S4:E8: 'Father of Balls'

[Sensual Dornish music] Playing in the paint, I see It's my favorite place to draw fowls Why are you still here? I thought your bannermen left long ago Do you think they can make it home without you to carry them? [Sensible chuckle] How about a quick duel, James? One on one Just like old […]

R.I.P. GAME OF THRONES – Series Finale SUCKS! Iron Throne Rant/Review

I watched this episode with a friend and before it started I said to him I don't want to do this I don't want to watch this episode since episode 3 kind of killed the lure for me and I just kind of gave up on the show I've started just kind of have fun […]

WTF Gaming – Megaman Sprite Game (Part 4 FINALE!)

he threw up on what I feel out what ow ow what is this place welcome it's been a long time look how big you two have grown what were you you do not recognize my voice I helped to create you both I'm so glad you're finally here are you the leader of the […]

Evolution of Rainbow Six Games 1998-2015

acknowledged in position in possession alpha go God got him threat neutralized escorting precious cargo in position tinkletown alpha go Bravo go Charlie go Delta call No red confer on go got him threat neutralized you you burrows under Association done Charlie Oh you you tango Down write down tank down problem go free waiting […]

Evolution of MLB Baseball Games 1994-2018

right [Applause] hello Neil the end of the line up here's the pitch trash ball oh and one but pitcher sets here's the pitch it's a changeup Oh interred Andrew Jones the pitch right Oh in one nothing [Applause] blotting drive down the line how did bird at the plate Kenny Lofton [Applause] Oh ball […]

Evolution of Iron Man in Games 1991-2018