Skeleton Playing Tennis: Incredible CGI Animation

COMM: This incredible footage may look like state of the art Hollywood special effects, but it was actually made on a shoestring budget by animator Olaf Louwinger. The 33-year-old South African’s animation shows the anatomy of a tennis player striking a ball, capturing the formal position of a skeletal structure, circulatory system, muscles and organs. […]

AMATEUR Official Trailer (2018) Basketball, Teenage Movie HD

We big-time 50,000 views, huh Terron Forte the eighth-grader, love your motor young fella Odds of getting into the NBA Talent and hard work aren’t enough You also need someone in the corner who knows a system and how to play it for you Coach Gaines, Liberty prep We’re offering your son a full ride […]

The Rebound: A Wheelchair Basketball Story (Trailer #2)

Nike Basketball: Kobe Bryant ist “The Black Mamba”

Echoboom Sports – Get your free trial to the essential action sports film subscription

They say life is like a ride the highs and lows peaks and valleys ebbs and flows that through the up’s and down’s… Don’t worry! We’re just along for the ride. To hell with that I say! We are not merely passengers following the tracks laid before us. We are in control of where we’re […]

Escherian Stairwell Deconstruction

Greetings children, it’s me, Captain Disillusion. Too many plot developments have been happening around here lately it used to be about the work not feelings. Debunking hoaxes and solving viral-video mysteries no one else could solve Like this little gem that’s been paying regular visits to my inbox for the past five years. [Jingle music] […]

Firoz Irani, Ahmedabad Palanpur Via Kadi Kalol – Gujarati Emotional Scene 4/8

Who is there? – Santu! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Who is it? Who is it? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! What is your name? – Vikram. Vikram, do you suspect anybody? – No, sir, […]

IT’S STILL REAL TO US (Part 1/3) | Wrestling Comedy Web Series

Reversal, reversal. Ah no. don’t management repeated too ten days from the list bob dole out that’s right bleaching you don’t have a tractor while tag alone belittled up so bride by it you wouldn’t do didn’t seek people people b leadership minister you’ve ruled that it didn’t go to learn you know you didn’t […]

Masha and The Bear – Home-Grown Ninjas (Episode 51)

Home-Grown Ninjas You won’t catch me! You won’t get it! Na na na na, na naa naaaa! And no, you didn’t catch me! And no, you didn’t get it! Na na, na na naaaa! Oops. Oops. Ne-ah, this is really too much! Neen-who? Ninja? And who is that? A! Cannot see them, cannot catch them! […]