Shaunie Considers Inviting Jennifer on the Next Ladies’ Trip | Basketball Wives

– You don’t even have to– yes, we can sit. – Okay. ‘Cause who knows. – So I met with Jen the other night. And I have something I’m supposed to give to you. – Oh. – I have not read this. I don’t want no parts of this. – Okay. – Oh, you’re gonna […]

Tami Sets Up a Surprise Meeting | Basketball Wives

[laughter] I love it. [chuckles] Yes.[light tense music]– I definitely do not like a backstabber.And I feel like I’ve been completely up front with Feby, and I thought she was reciprocating that. So, to hear that she had so much to say behind my back, you know, it’s like, we got to get to the […]

Jackie Wants To Fight After Feby Talks About Her Daughter! | Basketball Wives

– Well, on a lighter note I heard that Feby was a crack-head. – Pfffffffffft! – I heard that too. – Child! Where’s the check?! – Malaysia! I understand trying to deflect the conversation away from Byron, but messing with me? Oh hell no. – No, actually not a crack-head, a dope-fiend crack-head. (beep) And […]

The 5 Biggest NBA Brawls During the 1990s – Basketball Fights

the 80s is perhaps the decade that saved MBA basketball thanks to players like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson in addition the eighties was also an extremely physical decade largely in part to the bad-boy Detroit Pistons although bird and Johnson retire in the 90s that physical style mentality from the 80s did not quite […]

Shareef O’Neal Continues His Recovery | Basketball Wives

– Hello. – Welcome to Upgrade Labs. – Thank you. – I’m Joe. – It’s good to meet you. – Shaunie. – Nice to meet you. – This is my son, Shareef. – Good to meet you guys. – We are here ’cause he had open-heart surgery, and he has been cleared by the doctor […]

Malaysia Seeks Answers from Byron | Basketball Wives

[ball thwacks] – Well… So what are you aiming at? – That green stuff out there. [laughter] – Hey, cuz. – Hey, cousin. – So I’m meeting up with Byron today to get some answers. I wanna see if he gave OG the go-ahead to leak the family secret. Okay, so listen, I’m finna come […]

Wine Tasting Goes Sour When Evelyn & OG Argue! | Basketball Wives

(intensifying hip-hop music) – What Shaunie brought up about latch key or whatever the case was, I didn’t say that (beep). – Oh okay, so I’m still a liar. – Oh, so we’re right back at square one. I knew it wasn’t authentic, I felt it when we were taking the (beep) pictures. And now […]

Feby Pops Off On Jackie! | Basketball Wives

– Hello! – [Jackie] I’m sit down here, Ev. By you. (dramatic music) – [Evelyn] Fantastic. So are you guys good, like where are we at in life? You and Malaysia? – [Jackie] Me and Malaysia? That situation’s done. That’s a pass. As far as Feby goes, done. – [Evelyn] Oh yeah, I forgot about […]

Evelyn Tells OG To Butt Out of the Scott Family Situation | Basketball Wives

– OG, will you say the prayers? – That would be beautiful. – Uh, Jesus, Jesus– [speaking in Igbo] To Jesus Christ, our lord– all: Amen. – Did you say “Jackie Christy”? – No, no, Jesus Christ. Jesu Kristi. all: Oh! – I got a name that’s religious! – Yeah, we were waiting for more […]

Evelyn Shuts the Door on Jennifer’s Pity Party | Basketball Wives

[dramatic music]– I feel like there’s an elephant in the room.Jen?♪ ♪– I feel like the one that should be speaking is her, starting from the Shaquille rumor that you were trying to find receipts for, down to you talking about my child. – I didn’t say nothing about [bleep] Shaniece, okay? I love that […]