Ozzy Man Reviews: Soccer Players vs Refs

Let’s see what’s happening over in the soccer. There’s a tackle, the referee says: “That was fucking dodgy mate!” He blew the whistle and now he has to run away because everyone wants him dead. Oh, he slaps one of the players. The player appeals for a free kick I don’t know who to – […]

Evelyn Thinks Tami Had Ulterior Motives | Basketball Wives

– You had a motive. Okay? You had a motive. – You think I had a motive? – A motive for what? – Why did she even bring this when she knew it wasn’t true and it could have hurt people’s lives? – You have a comprehension problem, so I’ll say it again. – No, […]


ok guys we’ve got this all work is to jump right into this tournament here METRICANTHOSAURUS AQUATIC TOURNAMENT!!! || Jurassic World – The Game – Ep 186 HD I don’t know how this is gonna work for tournament you usually start with pretty much your lowest dinos because i usually pretty left low-level stuff at […]

SA vs. QLD – Australian female pin and submission wrestling

read description!

HARD FIGHT – superstars 👊FULL MATCH: Wrestling moves – Duel Takada Vader 💪 Code of Honor № 3

Hello. You are on the Crow channel. Today in the program is the championship in martial arts the Code of Honor. We will show you more than 100 championships. Meet the fighters. Choose your winner. In this issue Pro-Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Match – Nobuhiko, Takada vs. Super Vader.

English Tutorial – Tournament & Earnings/Turnaj a výdělek #111 KCD|Kingdom Come

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I’m at the inn in front of the Rataje. I got up too soon again. I’ll do some morning work. Before the innkeeper arrives. I’ll look at my stuff in inventory. Whether they’re okay. I’m done. Hm. I need to sell the meat. I can’t […]

WWE Smackdown Live Review! WWE 2K20 Glitches To Be Resolved! Randy Couture Status! Wrestling News!

Here is NEWS for October 26 2019 We’re starting today with last night’s edition of SmackDown as Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez didn’t dissapoint in their latest encounter. Velasquez, joined by Rey Mysterio taunted Lesnar with the fact that he defeated the Beast in UFC, whilst Mysterio thanked the fans for their support for his […]

The Rules of Flickerball – THE WORST SPORT EVER INVENTED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Flickerball. The object of the game is to score more points than the opposing team. The game is played on a field that’s …. Erm … it can be any size field? That can be of any size, and is played between two teams of … and there can be […]

Top 10 Strangest Moments in Sports (ft. Gritty) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Top 10 Strangest Moments in Sports Sports are amazing. But sometimes, the strangest things can happen that nobody would ever see coming. Before I get into it: subscribe to my channel and click that notifications tab to see my new vids as and when they come out. Shameless plug, I know. #1 […]