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Soccer was what I played when I was three years old. It was the first sport I ever really played, and it was truly my first love. I had the chance when I was about 13, going into 14 year old. I had been playing in these little premiere leagues of soccer, training and practice […]


day four.. of the tournament for this little trophy down here and 2000 bounds today’s opponent is the final person on my channel .. Tobi now, we have played already in his channel and I’ve played these torte too already check out who the channels in the description … have a nice .. hopely guys […]


Fifa 17 skill games in real life! Lets Go. Huh? *Laughing* That would’ve been sick! That would’ve been so mad! *Background Music* 3 rounds. First Round! One, Two, Three… Show! I win! I win! it’s me first. What was that? I gave you a Komehayaha! Oh my God! Yo! What! No! What are you saying? […]

FIFA 17 – Paris Saint-Germain Player Tournament – Ft. Di Maria, Pastore, Rabiot, Kurzawa

Hello, we are here for the FIFA 17 tournament May the best team win Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Yes, give it! It didn’t go out bro’, the referee… C’mon Paris, play, play! Serge! Serge! Serge! You have all the luck! Is there a trophy? Previously on FIFA 16 I will not have enough […]

FIFA 17 – Juventus Player Tournament – ft. Barzagli, Benatia, Marchisio, Rugani

Juve against Juve? No, never! C’mon Barza! Mamma mia, I knew it! Score a goal! Score a goal! Ruga, what was that?! Ruga knows how to play! Guys, he is a phenomenon! Yes, he’s always playing at home… I’m there! I’m there! The great Benatia in defense! Go Barza, go Barza! Offside! Offside! Goal! Also […]

FIFA 17 – Manchester United F.C. Player Tournament – ft . Pogba, De Gea, Rooney, Martial

Let’s start Good luck I swear I’m in. I swear I’m in. I’m in. Pogba, my mate! Pogba, my buddy! Referee My buddy Again, again Cross, cross I see this Pass, pass Pogba! Daley (Blind)! C’mon my friend I never lose the ball Well done sone, well done son What a tackle! I’ve got this, […]

FIFA 17 – FC Bayern Player Tournament – ft Costa, Badstuber, Bernat, Green

Ready to lose?! No chance Score the goal Juan! Put it there Hey… red! No, no, no! Yes! Good… Good! Attack, attack, attack, attack Now they are losing their patience Yeeees! Hey Arturoooo! Let’s go! He’s nervous Score the goal Juan! Hey, I kicked it like this Make the goal… Make the goal! Where is […]


♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’re playing this. – What? Soccer? – FIFA 17. Oh god, I suck at sports games. – (gasping) Yes! Oh my god, yes. Dude, I love FIFA. – I played FIFA 15 and 16. I’m not that great. If I play it, I’ll be extremely rusty. […]

FIFA 17 : Rare Gold Players Pack Opening! #1

hey people welcome to our first FIFA 17 video of the new season 3 to 17 which we did have EA early access for but all we've done instead of building a squad and getting all these fine players on board for badland LFC we just play a few games enjoy it ourselves but now […]


all right mate how you doing welcome back to another video today is a very special one a very exciting one because we are hosting the world's first ever competitive FIFA tournament between professional football clubs okay I'm here in London Stadium home of West Ham United seeking guess who one of the teams involved […]