Why Health and Wellness is the Fashion Industry's Biggest New Competitor | #BoFVOICES

yoram oh yeah all right oh I like sitting so I'm going to jump right into it so you all have amazing businesses you're all embedded in the wellness world and you all have taste and so what I'm going to start with wellness in general what what would you attribute to the rise and […]

Mr Olympia 2018 HD Men's Physique competitors Fitness and Bodybuilding Motivation

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] like just come feeling wake you up look at gosh shining that light on you waking up like that too much [Applause] what does perfect even mean can we switch and imagine our utopia [Applause] if way me live inside the upside perfect and if he can face babies […]

I Went Skating W/ An Olympic Figure Skater! (Adam Rippon)

TESTING SUPPORTIVE (AND CUTE) SPORTS BRAS | also a savage x fenty try on haul

what's up hi today we're talking about bras now I don't know if that's one of those buzz words like tampons or you're just a little boy from the videocam pawn it is a sharp word but today we're talking about cute and supportive spurts brats not only are there are less options for high […]

The Jonas Brothers Really, Really Miss Game of Thrones | Harper's BAZAAR

– Hey, it's the Jonas Brothers,and we are so excited. We are on the set of our"Harper's Bazaar" digital cover, summer issue, in the some'70s-inspired wardrobe. We're given winter and fall– – Winter's coming. (somber orchestral music) (Joe sniffles) – Yo, Joe. What did I say about making"Game of Thrones" references in front of Joe? […]

Kate Upton Body Painting Photoshoot 2011 | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Bogner Sport // Golf // Summer Collection 2017

How Boxing Outfits Were Like in the 1904 Olympics | Fashion Behind the Games