Hockey Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Dude, perfect. [CHIME DINGS] Banger! Let’s go! So panda is going to sit in the chair. You rip one from here. Goes off the ramp, hits the bottle on his head. This is great. I love this. [CHEERING] [LAUGHTER] Time for the Win a Car Shot from the far blue line. Here we go. [CHIME […]

Score prediction as Tottenham host unbeaten Liverpool this weekend

seven home hot food welcome Liverpool to the new study on this weekend as they look to somehow turned I’m from around against the Martin from things in the country liberal cutting be turns in the family ACO season with 19 wins and one drow house 20 games for two very good new Bob side […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Kids Are A-Holes

Kerry: I used to do that when I was a kid, I’d take my clothes off all the time. Miles: You’ve told me that. You were just a free spirit. Kerry: Until I was like 5, yeah. I-I’d just be like… “Oh, we’re at Dennys?” “Take this shit off!” [laughter from Miles] Gavin: What, you’d […]

Best Shot Ep 1 – “We All We Got” | Binge the series with YouTube Premium

BTS w/ Soccer Superstar Alex Morgan & Siena Agudong ⚽ | Alex & Me | Nick

My name is Siena Agudong. I play Reagan Wills, and we’re making the movie Alex & Me. [music playing] The movie is about a young girl and she really wants to be a professional soccer player. Her idol is Alex Morgan, and she ends up bumping her head. [falling] And Alex comes to life in […]

William shoots a basketball like a pro! YAY! [The Return of Superman/2018.05.27]

(30 minutes before the game) (The basketball players are warming up.) Look at that. (Excited) William, clap. Clap. (That’s incredible.) Ball. (William wants to play.) – It’s a ball. / – Ball. – Hello. / – Goodness. Hello. – Hello. / – Goodness. Hello. – It’s nice to meet you. I’m a fan. / – […]