CRL WEST 2019 RUNNER-UP: Team Liquid! | 2019 Clash Royale League World Finals

CRL West Finals Top 5 Plays – SK Gaming and Team Liquid | Clash Royale League

This is it! After an epic fall split, CRL West will be sending Sk Gaming and Team Liquid to the Clash Royale League World Finals to face off against the best teams from CRL Asia and CRL China. Here are some highlights from the fall split to show what the top 2 teams of CRL […]

King’s Council – SK vs IMT Analysis | Clash Royale League

Alright, hey guys we’re from SK Gaming I’m Sam I’m Morten And we are the CRL West champions of the Fall Split E-Wiz, stops the wallbreakers but a lot of damage on the left lane as well That’s gonna do it! SK Gaming is your CRL West Fall Champions! For me, the most interesting part […]

King’s Council – CRL West Week 5 | Clash Royale League

Hey I’m Hazard Hey I’m Thunderstruck and we’re the 2v2 duo for NRG and for 3 game battle miner goes in, miner gets picked up and they just need a fireball and there it is! so Hazard is back in the 2v2 mix and he starts it off with a very nice set win him […]

IMT vs CRM 2v2 ANALYSIS! | King’s Council – CRL West Week 1 | Clash Royale League

[Music] hi I’m aw crap I’m the god Ra and where the to be to do o for mortals sit off and once again the 2v2 were first sweet for our crap and RF every single match we go into we think we’re the best duo in the league every single time we have the […]

Clash Royale League: CRL West 2019 | Week 5 Day 2! (English)

can complexity continue the crazy run it's on right now will liquid turn into the playoff squad we all expect to see campaign gaming right the ship how many times we mention how bad royal giant furnace is right now all that and more today hello and welcome to clash Royale League West I'm rich […]

Clash Royale League: CRL West 2019 | Week 6 Day 1! (English)

you've been working hard for the money Monday Tuesday all day Wednesday and now we have a treat for you what better way to get through hump day than with three matches of clash Royale hello welcome back I'm Bruce Lane joining me is Andrew guy this is the final Wednesday of the season that […]