Why your favorite esports team is owned by a basketball player

If you follow esports, you’ve probably noticed a lot of new teams popping up with ties to flashy names like Shaq, Magic Johnson, Steve Aoki, the 76ers, and–of course–the nebulous but omnipresent “consortium of investors.” Outsider investment in esports has been commonplace in other regions for years–Samsung, LGD and Korean Telecom, to name a few. […]

TFT Charity Tournament Announcement | All-Star 2019 – League of Legends

[Littles & Legends Charity TFT Tournament] [1 Legend] [+1 “Little”] [Start The Party] [December 5-7] [Las Vegas, NV] [watch.lolesports.com]

1v1 Tournament Returns | All-Star 2019 – League of Legends

[1v1 Tournament] This could be Pabu winning it! Caps finish him off! Right now he can get that kill! One more auto will do it! And Caps is the 1v1 champion! [Start the Party] [December 5-7] [Las Vegas, NV] [watch.lolesports.com]

FIFA 20 Global Series Stage 1 Recap

Welcome to the FUT 20 Champions Cup Stage One here from beautiful Bucharest three-day tournament, 64 players will begin today with a Swiss format FIFA 20 is among us Julian has to score here – a miss and he’s out. And Harry will go through! and Harry makes the save today is do-or-die for every […]

Professional Tennis Player Tries Mario Tennis Aces • Pro Play

– Let’s put something on it, shall we? If we can get to a court somewhere, loser is on the service line and the winner is going to serve a ball at their bum. – One hundred percent yes. (suspenseful music) – I’m Jens Sweaney, I’m a pro tennis player from Australia. I was top […]

CFS TV Episode 10 — Tour to the CFS 2017 GF Tournament Venue: Xi’an City Gymnasium

Hello everyone. This is Sofia and~~ Hoon, from CFS Team. Today we would like to give you a quick tour of the venue for CFS Grand Finals. So follow us It’s COLD. IT’S COLD. So first off is the player room. So as you can see here this is the player room when the players […]

How Battlefy Tournament Organizers can contact their players