Ryu Soccer ~ Drills for Kids ~ Learn La Croqueta!

Please like and subscribe! Are you ready to learn La Croqueta? La Croqueta is a great skill. It allows you to trick the defender, as well as protect the ball. See? It’s super easy. Once you get the hang of this drill, try it in motion. Watch me closely. Are you ready for the next […]

Score The Basket | Pepee Cartoon Shows | Stories For Children – Kids Channel

Score The Basket – Pepee Cartoon

ABC Soccer Song | Learn Alphabets | Videos For Children

A B C Socer Song…

Intense Ball Hockey Tournament | Quebec Provincial | 3V3

first experience for these kids after two minutes of play we’re leading by one it’s fairly exciting I’m exciting to see these kids play dough ball that’s it we’re doing good [Applause] we already started a few games for practice and going really well some people it’s their third or fourth or fifth time but […]

Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball | Innovation Nation

sometimes the extraordinary is masked in the ordinary take the humble soccer ball for example when 26 year old inventor Jessica O Matthews got a hold of it you could say it became a thing of magic located in New York City I met up with Jessica to find out more about one very bright […]

Soccer for Kids! ~ Ryu’s Soccer Journal ~ Game day VS All-Stars & fun at the Museum!

Coming up next… November 2nd. Ryu’s Soccer Journal! Today, we were supposed to go against the Las Vegas Desert Storm. But… they forfeited! So the Sports Center put together an All-Star team. They picked all the best players in the league. This is gonna be hard… Marseille turn! But I call it… Ryu turn! So […]

Soccer for Kids! ~ Ryu’s Soccer Journal ~ Championship win & party at the Arcade!

Coming up next! (Singing) We are the champions! November 16th, Ryu’s Soccer Journal! Last week we played against the Black Panthers. I scored 6 goals! It wasn’t a very hard game. We’ve already beat them twice before. And… we won again! We won 14 – 2! Now, back to this week. This is our last […]

TGT Pirate Rogue Deck – Grand Tournament Experrriments! [Hearthstone Season 17 Legend Gameplay #27]

experiments and because I got too cold and Buccaneers like these little guys at the sky captain Craig whose child are sky I’m kind of feeling inclined to try Pirate road and I’m not sure about the list at all I might have missed some burgers or some type of car it’s like maybe sapir […]

Skeleton Playing Tennis: Incredible CGI Animation

COMM: This incredible footage may look like state of the art Hollywood special effects, but it was actually made on a shoestring budget by animator Olaf Louwinger. The 33-year-old South African’s animation shows the anatomy of a tennis player striking a ball, capturing the formal position of a skeletal structure, circulatory system, muscles and organs. […]

Understanding the psychology of distraction can help you stay on task | Nir Eyal

When we try and understand distraction we have to understand what distraction is not. The opposite of distraction is not focus. The opposite of distraction is traction. Both words come from the same Latin root, trahere, which means to pull. And both end in the same six letter word – action, it spells action. So […]