How to Find Sponsors To Fund Your Pro Tennis Career

Finding sponsors to fund your professional tennis career is an essential ingredient for a successful tennis career because you need to pay for travel and hospitality, training, equipment, food and much more. Therefore, you should play an active role in providing a platform for your potential sponsors because that allows them to make money and […]


There’s no place that I’ve visited in the 3 1/2 years I’ve been at the University that means more in terms of that confluence of opportunity and spirit and hope and inspiration than this place right here. We could make a list of what’s negative all day long, or you can be thankful for small […]

UWM women’s basketball captain leads on and off the court

So, I grew up in Manitowoc on a small family farm and we grew up with 500 cattle. It was so fun. It taught me hard work and nitty-gritty getting down in the mud. Moving to Milwaukee was definitely a lot different. The biggest city that I’d been to, other than Milwaukee, would be Green […]

Entire Basketball Team Surprises and Thanks Coach

– Hi, I’m Mister Belou, Coach Belou. – My name is Misses Hall. – My name is Mister Smith. (speaking Spanish) – My name is Miss Kooy. – You’d never turn it off. We become a family, and they are my kids. – I’ve been called a lot of things from the mouths of 10, […]

Score The Basket | Pepee Cartoon Shows | Stories For Children – Kids Channel

Score The Basket – Pepee Cartoon

PE Games – Crazy Ball Soccer

This is crazy ball soccer. It is a very simple idea that can be used throughout the grades. You will need some soft or foam balls, a bunch of different kinds, or three different kinds. What you are going to do is you will have your nets and form your teams and instead of just […]

3 Simple Speed Drills That Will Improve Your Agility | Tennis Conditioning

Hello and welcome. So today we want to show you a few agility drills and a sprint drill that you can do with your athletes to work on footwork and agility, change of direction, that you improve that. So we are going to be doing the T-drill, the H-drill and the 25 yard sprint drill. […]

What soccer can teach us about freedom | Marc Bamuthi Joseph

The two places where I feel most free aren’t actually places. They’re moments. The first is inside of dance. Somewhere between rising up against gravity and the feeling that the air beneath me is falling in love with my body’s weight. I’m dancing and the air is carrying me like I might never come down. […]

Why are Tennis balls Yellow and Fuzzy? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time Why are tennis balls yellow and fuzzy? Because they like to show off. Earlier, tennis balls were white. But later, they were changed to yellow. Because studies showed that yellow balls were easier to see on televisions. Now, tennis balls are fuzzy because the fuzz helps them slow down. When a tennis […]

The Soccer Ball that went to Space TWICE — Tidbits

At the moment there’s a soccer ball much like this one up on the International Space Station. That may not be particularly impressive, given that the Station also has ping pong, playing cards and an exercise bike, but this ball is special: last time it was sent into space, it was part of the Challenger […]