FIFA 16 – Liverpool F.C. Player Tournament – Henderson, Clyne, Enrique, and Moreno

Bonne chance, que le meilleur gagne ! Mon pronostic pour le match ? On va gagner ! Jose and Alberto jouent chaque soir et sont donc les favoris, mais en tant qu’outsiders, on va faire de notre mieux. Fais la passe ! Allez ! J’étais tout seul ! Vise la cage, mec ! Ils adorent […]

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Player Tournament | Borussia Dortmund

I see that Nuri has a speed deficit in his defensive midfield. Because he put himself into his team. Therefore, I put my main focus on the offense. I like having the opportunity to play with Legends. I decided to put Maldini and Pele in my starting line-up. Goelkeeper, come on! There it is! I’ll […]

FIFA 15 – Chelsea FC – Player Tournament – Schürrle, Rémy, Azpilicueta, Aké

welcome you know that our opponents are very tough but we will try our best Nathan was like in a match a little bit too aggressive so he got sent off his on Blair sent off the right opportunity brilliant brilliant goal here from life we got the feeling in his hands that was a […]

FIFA 15 – Manchester City Player Tournament – Agüero, Nasri, Touré, Boyata

We are at the Etihad Stadium… To play FIFA 15. Hey, like Suarez does… It was Suarez. The header with Suarez. I’m the daddy for clearing the ball, eh? You have to admit, at least I know how to clear the ball. The free kick… obviously that Kun shot… it was a good free kick. […]

FIFA 16 – Paris Saint-Germain Player Tournament – Matuidi, Rabiot, Di Maria, and Kurzawa

Wir sind hier für das Pro Player Tournament Angel ist ein guter Spieler… Wir machen alles, um den Pokal zu gewinnen Wir spielen so, als stünden wir auf dem Platz. Wir werden gewinnen. Wir wollen eine richtige Show abziehen. Viel Glück. Du bist verrückt! War ich das!? Ja, natürlich warst du das! Das erste Match […]

2001 EA Sports 500 Wild Finish

you say the same thing about the middle lane with the cars configured the way they are saying to be the one at all his rules Hill Allen remember here in April it was Bobby Hamilton that came charging from the back to win now to catch up without back in front of him but […]

Terrible Creature vs. Bruce Lee (EA Sports UFC 2)

tale of the tape for this welterweight bat the freakiest three years his elder he will have a five-inch reach advantage and with the official introductions here's the veteran voice of the Octagon Bruce Buffer ladies and gentle with the action begins our referee in charge [Applause] ah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this man is a […]

FIFA 16 – FC Barcelona Player Tournament – Neymar, Alves, Alba, Turan, Ter Stegen, Bravo

Komm schon! Ruhig, ruhig… Rüber zum König Nimm ihn und hau ihn rein! Tor!!! Was für ein Tor! Eine Sekunde. Mein Vater ruft an! Mein Vater! Geh dazwischen! Stoppe ihn! Bin da! So geht das! Tor!!! Klasse Tor! Warum spiele ich überhaupt? Ich lese lieber Bücher. Bring ihn rein, Jordi Alba… Sehr gut! Stark verteidigt, […]

MAN UTD 2 – 1 LEICESTER – VLOG – 10th August 2018 – Premier League Game 1/38

so we are at old trafford as you can see behind me I don't know how well you can hear me but tnews is just in that we are starting with a very very strong team but they are pogba so I'm a little bit worried but here we go let's do it [Applause] [Applause] […]