NHL 20 | HUT Team of the Year | PS4

Wonderful shot. He scores! There has been nobody better than this team. This is the team of the year.

NHL 20 | HUT Team of the Year

[XBOX SOUND] [MUSIC] Passes in… What a shot! Buckle up, everybody, we’re not done yet! I don’t know how he pulls this off! He’s in! He scored! That’s a scored goal right there. One final score! In this last calendar year there has been nobody better than this team! This is the team of the […]

Play video games to win money & prizes – gaming & esports massive opportunity

You clicked this video because you’re a gamer and at a certain point in your life you felt that you wanted to win cash or in-game items from being good at your game and winning the games online. Correct?! I know because I’m also a gamer and it’s been my dream ever since I was […]

Top 5 Basketball Video Games EVER!!!!

Yo yo yo, whats good game world? Welcome to another urban game play video, where I’m gonna be revealing the greatest basketball games that I have ever played over the past 20 years or so. As you can imagine, there has been so many basketball games released over the past twenty years, so in order […]

From Backstreet Penalty Tournaments To Scoring In The Final: This Is The Copa Libertadores

I’d dreamt about it, but I couldn’t believe it on the night In that moment I was bouncing the ball and saying “I am the best”, “I am the best” And I tried to calm myself down, I didn’t want my nervousness to betray me. It’s the most prestigious cup in the whole of Latin […]

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Player Tournament | Borussia Mönchengladbach

Here we go, guys! Come on, Janis! Come on! Put it in! They’re under pressure! They’re under pressure! Cleared off the line! We’re really strong and we shouldn’t have any problems with our opponents at the back. We’ve got a lot of pace in our team and that’s to our advantage. And we’ve already scouted […]

MADDEN NFL – Old VS. New (Madden ’19 vs Madden 1990) (React)

– GG, good game! GG, good game! GG, good game. GG, good game. (screaming) – (FBE) This Sunday, we’re continuing our Injustice 2 tournament with the teens bracket, but if you’re here on Tuesday between noon and 3 PM Pacific, we are live gaming with our subs, so after this episode, head on over to […]

EA SPORTS UFC 3 – UFC 242 Nurmagomedov vs. Poirier | PS4

Khabib Nurmagomedov is on another level. This guy mauls everybody. He takes a world class, championship-caliber fighters and just rag dolls them. Undisputed, undefeated lightweight champion. I think he grew up in Dagestan. This is nothing. Eleven years, undefeated. You want to become lightweight champion? Jest send me location. Sorry. I have to smash you.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Player Tournament | Borussia Dortmund

Good luck, bro! Go Messi, go! go! Go Messi! Aaaawh, Messi! I’ve looked at Adrian’s team and he doesn’t have much pace at the back. So I’ve gone for fast players in attack. I’m well prepared and I’ve got a good team. Let’s go! I’m focusing on possesion but I’ll wait for mistakes and then […]