Mario & Sonic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games E3 2019 Live Reaction!

ooh Mario and Sonic all right I'm light for this yeah I play this quite a bit as a kid I'm up for this did they already announced this or was it just a rumor I think I won't say it was a rumor but sheesh well skateboarding interesting yeah I'm up for this I […]

Pokken Tournament – 35 Minutes Gameplay ( Pokemon World Championship [ HD ]

basically I was told after the announcement for this game of being released for the Wii U next year at spring 2016 looks like our guys are ready for this next matchup so we have savings versus hugs all right this matchup he gets the phase transition knocked him into the duel oh wow great […]


E3 2019: Xbox Unveils Project Scarlet, 60 New Games

ah [Applause] Xbox Xbox Rox Xbox baby [Applause] as welcome Kyary needs [Applause] brand-new trailer for second thoughts – let's check it out right now today is my first official day on the job it has been awesome to see the record-breaking success developers have had an Xbox game past since launch we have tripled […]

Gameplay Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 na E3 2019

fala galera tudo bom eu sou matheus henrique lançou em parceria com ele no japão antes a gente começa a falar sobre três 2009 ele pediu pra você que é novo canal se inscrever e deixar um like e já que estamos falando de empresas 29 pedindo uma xícara de chocolate quente da nintendo nós […]

Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019 Highlights!

a few that can make it a flex player is someone who can switch between a number of different weapons on the fly dynamo of course plays probably the closest thing they have to a backline role or an anchor and then Taiji going to be on the frontlines opening things up as well that's […]

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Over Ten Minutes of Gameplay

oh you can do you can't you still I like all right probably to be doing I'm not a memorize Isak right so yes because everything that's on the right everything on the top the power abilities yeah I guarantee that I want to do this in the Holy down Oh yeah well using togetherness […]

Ubisoft Reveals New Game Titles at E3 2019 | NowThis