E3 2019: Xbox Unveils Project Scarlet, 60 New Games

ah [Applause] Xbox Xbox Rox Xbox baby [Applause] as welcome Kyary needs [Applause] brand-new trailer for second thoughts – let's check it out right now today is my first official day on the job it has been awesome to see the record-breaking success developers have had an Xbox game past since launch we have tripled […]

Gameplay Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 na E3 2019

fala galera tudo bom eu sou matheus henrique lançou em parceria com ele no japão antes a gente começa a falar sobre três 2009 ele pediu pra você que é novo canal se inscrever e deixar um like e já que estamos falando de empresas 29 pedindo uma xícara de chocolate quente da nintendo nós […]

Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019 Highlights!

a few that can make it a flex player is someone who can switch between a number of different weapons on the fly dynamo of course plays probably the closest thing they have to a backline role or an anchor and then Taiji going to be on the frontlines opening things up as well that's […]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Nintendo Switch Trailer – Nintendo E3 2019

Ubisoft Reveals New Game Titles at E3 2019 | NowThis

Kinda Funny Games Showcase E3 2019: More than 60 Indie Games

what is indie indie is really in some ways more of a state of mind Hey we hate Sam hi what are we doing we're doing the inspirational intro to the kind of funny game showcase I said we're not doing that it's III there's no time for inspirational intro great we need the height […]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Official Reveal Trailer | E3 2019