2018 Genesis G80 Sport vs Mercedes E43 AMG Review

2017 mercedes-benz C 43 AMG 2018 Genesis g8 eSport I'm Jake linear we're going to drive and what are we doing we are driving all-wheel drive sports sedans the Mercedes is obviously way more expensive than the g8 II support correct yes the JT sport in Canadian dollars is sixty-two thousand dollars all in there's […]

2019 Lexus ES 300h – Better Than German Competitors? | REVIEW

[Applause] the first generation Lexus ES was one of the two cars and Lexus's debut lineup alongside the flagship LS with ap raishin the es became more luxurious and stylish and it also turned into one of the best-selling Lexus models the seventh generation is definitely the most stylish es ever but is it the […]

*SOLD* 2007 Mercedes-Benz C230 Sport Walkaround, Start up and Tour

today's video has been provided by community auto sales please check out their website for any information on this vehicle as well as many others hey guys it's me Jake from Jay clan – 164 – today I have a video for you of this 2007 mercedes-benz C 230 this one is the Sport trim […]