NBA Players React To Russell Westbrook & Chris Paul Trade

now just as we think the NBA's offseason won't have any more huge moves one of the biggest deals this summer takes place with Russell Westbrook being traded to the Rockets but what did players from the league up to say about this and if James Harden obviously I don't laugh to say about this […]

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sup all jc3 here the ball of YouTube the general welcome to topic tackle my take for today is on the one player that LeBron has been average against in his career you might be surprised to find out who this one player is first off I want to continue to thank all of you […]

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how's it going guys my name's Wilson that's the 2010s decades almost coming to an end these last ten years of MBA basketball has brought us a lot of joy from kolbee winning his fifth and final championship with the Lakers in 2010 knocking off the Celtics to Dirk Nowitzki finally getting over the hump […]