GT Sport – FIA Warm Up

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you but evening everyone FIA warm up have a little practice of bow for the rounds the nation's our manufacturer so we're gonna do that's how it's all grouped for every both rounds group four I haven't done anything I've done time trial quickly on both of these but not particularly great […]

GT Sport – Fun Night Open Lobbies

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you you you I put the camera hello everyone okay so open lobbies tonight we're not doing nothing serious let me just put my over camera on where is my other camera there you are this yeah yeah Twitter's not what's going on Twitter for me it's just gone off it was […]

GT Sport – Daily Race Monday

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hello everyone daily races today hello everyone in the chat nice to see you all again I'm gonna do I don't know if I'll do race a because I haven't even done it yeah I don't even know what it you can see the old Camaro isn't it let me just have […]

GT Sport – FIA Is Back Finally

GT Sport FIA Manufacturer Top 24 Race Season 2 Final Round

[Applause] ok everyone welcome back to another video on the channel so they were back on GT sport and we're back with the FIA manufacturers top 20 for final round in season 2 of the manufacturers championship you can see they're going onto the grid it was a standing staff for this grid obviously and […]

GT Sport – How Does Lightning Do It – Insane Tyre Saving

ok everyone welcome back to the channel today on GT Spore we're gonna be doing something slightly different again on the channel today we're going to be analyzing TRL Lightning's fuel saving and tire saving ability so you can see him start from the back of the grid there he jumped into this race with […]

GT Sport – How fast is the GT Sport World Champion Episode 2

ok everyone welcome back to another video on the channel today we're back on GT Spore and we're back with an extra special race outside back there in the new rebel X 2019 car so in this races you're gonna see there's some big names they've got Super GT starting in this race also and […]

GT Sport – BIG BOP Changes & FIA Practice