Tutorial: Dodge Jump (Delayed) (Unreal Tournament 2004/UT2004)

(Subtitels can be disabled by pressing the “CC” button) Welcome to yet another Unreal Tournament 2004 training session. In the last episode we learned the Dodge-Shield Gun-Jump and how to perform jumps like this one: But today we will only have a look at the “delayed” Dodge-Jump. The technique is quite simple, and that is […]

Tutorial: How to Dodge (-jump) (Variation) (Unreal Tournament 2004)

Welcome, Today we are going to learn an alternate way of dodging. It’s a simple variation of something you already know, and which might help you to further improve your movement. Instead of always pressing — for example: “Forward, Left-Left, Jump”, try occasionaly pressing: “Left, Forward-Forward, Jump”. Using it always depends on the situation and […]