The Last Baseball-Glove Maker in America

A baseball glove is basically an addition to your hand that allows you to trap the ball between the thumb and the index finger in such a fashion that you can make a great catch and throw it back. From the time I started playing baseball I’ve been in love with the game. Something very […]

How Hitler Won the Olympic Games – The Berlin Olympics | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1936 Part 3 of 3

It is an event that leaves the global population in awe; it is the height of modernity. The first-ever sports-event to be televised. Its host is Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Government. It is the 1936 Olympics, an event meticulously designed to showcase the Germans as a superior race, and frame the Führer […]

Anna Konda & Berlin’s Female Fight Club: VICE INTL (Germany)

Scotland’s First Openly Gay Wrestler: Christopher Saynt

I am proud to say that I am Scotland s first openly gay wrestler. It doesn’t matter what I do and who I lie down with, I’m still a wrestler. If I can make people see that and be positive in their life that’s what matters to me. I came out to like family and […]

Floyd Patterson – Complete Championship Profile

This is Rummy’s Corner. Floyd Patterson got his first opportunity to fight for a championship on November 30, 1956 when he squared off against Archie Moore for the vacant heavyweight world championship. Right from the start Patterson’s faster hands and overall quickness were giving the Old Mongoose a lot of trouble. Patterson was exhibiting great […]

Making The World’s First Male Sex Doll | Slutever

The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

This has many names. Gang stalking, mob stalking, community stalking. You’re in the middle of this ridiculous, irrational impossibility that is real and is happening. First, the Guardian revealed the National Security Agency is collecting telephone records of millions of Verizon customers. To surveil someone through their phones. Certainly through their television sets. The last […]

Best Shot Ep 1 – “We All We Got” | Binge the series with YouTube Premium

Rocky Marciano – Complete Championship Profile

This is Rummy’s Corner. Rocky Marciano got his first opportunity to fight for a championship on September 23, 1952 when he challenged heavyweight world champion Jersey Joe Walcott. The champion got off to a fast start, and he dropped Marciano with a mean left hook in the opening round. Walcott continued having more success in […]

Brazilian Soccer: Not just for straight guys!