everybody is pretty what I want to bring you some news about destiny and this is some gameplay from Destiny’s PvP and this is our clan House Suspect you’re kinda tearing it up here on the moon so I hope you guys enjoy the gameplay the the news about destiny is actually not from bungee […]

Pokken Tournament DX DLC : Aegislash with Mega Rayquaza & Mimikyu Gameplay

Hello PokéFans !! Finally i got a Nintendo Switch Congrats to me xD and now while waiting for the main series Pokemon Game on the Switch i wanted to heat things up with some Pokken Tournament DX. Now wave 1 of the battle pack dlc is available so this video is about trying out the […]

Steep: Road to the Olympics: Olympic Winter Games 2018 | Developer Diary | Ubisoft [NA]

Running Olympic is something you remember for the rest of your life The Olympics are incredible It’s one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life The Olympics are really the biggest thing actually existing It’s really a challenge, something we didn’t have yet in Steep Everyone wants to be there And […]

Fastest Sports Cars (Paragon, 8F Drafter & Issi) – GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

Hello everyone, I’m Broughy1322, and this video serves as an update to the Fastest Sports Cars video where I show the best fully-upgraded sports cars in terms of lap time. For all the information you need about the series, check the original Sports Cars video, but otherwise, let’s see where the new Paragon R, 8F […]

Fastest Sports Cars (Paragon, 8F Drafter & Issi)- GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Top Speed Countdown

hello everyone I am brief 1 3 2 2 in this video serves as an update to the fastest podcast video where I show the best fully plated sports cars in terms of top speed from you from each need about the series check the original sports cars video brother wise let's see where the […]

Steep: Road to the Olympics – Olympic Athletes – Take The Journey | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[Música] de vida lógicamente es por mi experiencia y dios zhang ya existe entonces no me fío motivar life for those still science estoy [Música]


Mi NOVIA TUNEA el NUEVO WEENY ISSI SPORT!!! DLC The Diamond Casino & Resort GTA 5 | Stratus

chicos estamos de vuelta aquí en otro vídeo más de gta 5 continuamos con el tlc de los casinos y como os prometí os dije que iba a haber uno de los torneos de los vehículos que han salido el día de hoy que iba a tener una invitada diga un invitado pero es una […]