Sport Air Filter + Intake + Exhaust — Seat Leon Tuning — Part 2

Hi. We’ll continue the mods for this engine. Today we’ll install a pod filter and a stainless steel intake system and we’ll talk about the exhaust. In the previous episode I showed you a simple method to block the EGR valve. If you missed it and want to see it, click here! I searched for […]

Stream Live Videos From Your Smartphone or Tablet To Your Computer

alright guys today I want to show you how you can live stream stream from your smartphone’s to your computer or to anyone else on the Internet so really handy tool to have in the know about so I’m you see how this is done foreseen it is go out your app storm download this […]


(car honking loudly) – Oh, yeah! Let’s crush this 1,000,000 dollars! (whooping) – Oh, yeah, sharers! What is going on? Welcome to the vlog. Welcome to another super awesome day! So, if you didn’t already see a giant 16 wheeler delivered this box. Just Justin sent it. It has a million dollars inside. Apparently this […]

Snowmobile Powered Sports Car Gets Custom Drivetrain

I just am gonna make a sleeve to hold this bearing I need something to go around it that I can weld to for a bracket I was hoping for a piece of pipe that I could just bore out a tiny bit but no such luck so I’m gonna chop a little square off […]


down my name is Miss McGillicuddy and today we’re history box forts and box fort creation the history of early box fort creation today’s lesson leonardo de cardboards theory of tape logan Papa Jake learned the theory of tape a long time ago okay this history class is spooky here Jake come on man where’s […]

The Truth About Using Sport Mode in Your Car, Does it Cause Damage

rev up your engines, jsph says scotty is it bad to always shift from normal to sport mode in my automatic acura tl, I’m a spirited driver and have that habit, is there any long term damages, no because when you go from normal to sport drive, all that’s doing is, it’s telling the computer […]

Live Stream from Your Cell Phone or iPad to Anyone In The Word Through The Internet

hey guys today I want to show you how I can live stream videos from your smartphone to your TV now we were you start this is you need to go to your app store and download youstream it’s available for free I’m I believe they also have a pay version is advertisement free and […]

【Andy老爹試駕】80多萬最佳運動房車 Elantra Sport 改款試駕

大家好 我是Andy老爹 進入到家庭之後 以前我跟各位一樣也是很熱血 常常晚上聚眾去喝咖啡…. 但是在步入家庭之後 熱血的DNA基本上很難被拿掉 但是你又要兼顧所謂小孩的舒適性 老婆要的空間 真的選擇會越來越少 而且預算又不能爆表 百萬內 你可以選擇到 兼顧爸爸 媽媽 小孩的需求的車款 整個平衡都非常好 各方面表現都非常好得車款真的不多 那我們今天試駕的是 第六代小改款 的ELANTRA Sport(極速版) 我要強調這是Sport版本 意思是什麼呢 動力比較好 底盤調校 也可以符合我的期待 重點是你要空間 舒適性 家人坐在後座的時候 也可以不錯 所以這是一個非常均衡的車 好 在小改之後呢 它的價格 因為原本推出這個Sport版本 價格比較偏貴 我覺得原廠非常聰明 我覺得針對這些比較熱血的車迷們 爸爸們 他們希望說 我要滿足性能就好 那我在預算上如果可以選擇更親民的話 所以他們把價格調到80萬出頭 非常不錯 吸引力非常夠 而且204hp 對我來說 操控 它的馬力重量比 一定要低於1:7 就是一匹馬力不能推動超過七公斤 這才能符合我最低標準的操控樂趣 今天的ELANTRA Sport第六代小改款 […]

BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL!! 📦🚌 Gym Class, Dodgeball, Detention & More!

box for its past for the counter you learned everything you need to know about making boxes do you guys know how much of an average roll of duct tape can hold up oh well you’ll learn it here I probably xbox for Academy there you go Easy’s get into bed are you sleep tight […]

Researching Your Ebay Competitors 1 – Intro

all right all right all right everybody thank you for tuning in today we're going to be taking a look at researching our competitors some of the questions we're gonna be able to answer after working on this project is well we're going to be creating a dictionary by collecting the partial or total inventory […]