Defending a Decathlon Championship – Ashton Eaton | Gillette World Sport

Our Olympic Focus is trained on World and Olympic Decathlon Champion Ashton Eaton and his precision preparation for Rio. My name is Ashton Eaton and I am the world record holder in the decathlon and the gold medallist from the 2012 Olympic Games. It meant a lot to win in 2012 because it was really […]

Tosh.0 – 2012 Tosh.0lympic Games – Uncensored

(cheering) – Seventh’s not that bad. Plus, he just qualified for the paralympics. Every four years, we spend two weeks watching athletes compete for a chance to be on a box of disgusting cereal that nobody’s bought since the ’50s. Who wants to spend two weeks in London? The food sucks, it’s always raining, and […]

If Our Generation Determined The Olympic Games [GEN WHY]

-Hello folks if you’re just tuning in we’re reporting live from the Millenial Olympics 2016. We’re watching two competitors have a Netflix binge and like you were saying earlier this is the first year they’re going completely mobile. -All mobile and the competition is fierce. It is fierce -It’s amazing that they can find comfort […]

BACKYARD OLYMPICS!! – Georgia Productions

Wow I mean if that was an Olympic Games material then I don't know what is hey hi hello its me Georgia and welcome back to her I actually don't know what type of video this is gonna be let's just roll with it I'm rolling with it I really hope you didn't roll in […]

Daniel Ståhl wins the discus competition in Stockholm – IAAF Diamond League 2019

73 meter + thrower in training recently at world-record Juergen should remember 7408 he's German back in 1986 does he hit this one well look very very relaxed didn't really seem to put a lot of force behind it but that is what a great performance is about relaxation and technique it was deceptive powers […]

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The Try Guys Try The Ancient Olympics

[Applause] the Olympics today we're doing the Olympics greek-style and not like current Greek but old Greek the Olympics are an amazing global competition of basically everything i'm terrible.i i love the Olympics because it's just like war but no one actually dies we're here at the getty villa which is one of the largest […]