how's it going everyone exploit here and welcome back to the channel so guys I am here to announce that in the next coming weeks I will be setting up for the very first the world's first dauntless tournament this tournament will take place live on my twitch channel I will have a professional dauntless […]

Dauntless | How strong are 4 Players with Meteor Hammers?

[Applause] now this was pan gar but this was also endgame so first let me tell you how everything began huge thanks Adonis for sponsoring this video they got us access to the new season five of dauntless before the release of course we are experienced master Hanus but in this game we started as […]

DAUNTLESS Top 8 Tips Every Player Should Know (Dauntless Guide 2019)

by the time you're watching this dauntless has been released on your PlayStation 4 and Xbox one as such lots of new players will be looking for tips and guides on how to do well in the game now having said that most of the guys that will find online are outdated the open beta […]

Dauntless Tips, Tricks and New Player Advice