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How Dirk Nowitzki Changed Basketball

On the eve of his 21st season ending, Dirk Nowitzki made it official that his impressive NBA career is finally over. In a year that featured another legend, Dwyane Wade, embarking on a farewell tour of his own, the loss of Nowitzki still looms large. While both are shoe-ins for the Hall of Fame, Nowitzki’s […]

Klay Thompson and the 3-point chucking gods: What it takes to break the attempts record | High Score

– Okay, check this out. The object of this game is simple. You’re a basketball player, you have 48 minutes plus maybe some overtime to attempt as many shots behind this three-point line as you can before time runs out, but if you don’t pace yourself or you don’t get enough of your shots into […]

Mark Cuban Gets Brutally Honest About the Pro Sports Business | Inc.

why would I begin with something we talked about just a few moments ago on television and and that is the question of the penalties at the National Football League made it out to the New England Patriots you own a sports team that you are no stranger to being find it’s a habit it’s […]

How fast can you foul out of an NBA game? | High Score

(computer beeps) – [Seth] Okay, so this one’s a little weird, (electronic beeps) but it’s simple and it’s fun. (digital basketball bounces) You’re this little character. You’re playin’ basketball, (digital thudding) but the thing is, you’re rushing to get disqualified (digital beeping) by committing six fouls as fast as possible. This game is against the […]

NBA owners can't bribe players into staying on teams anymore – Rachel Nichols | The Jump

Every NBA Champion Since the 2000 Season