Young @ Heart | India Plays – S1E08

We are the people who are zipping across life. Say ‘Hello’ to the zipper club. They are all over 50 years old. Reclaiming their youth are they the oldest person in that group is 73. Senior citizens jogging, what’s the big deal? They are not just jogging, they run marathons ! Marathons ? Okay now, […]

How to Add a Scorer in Your Tournament on CricHeroes

Hello Everyone, Myself Gaurav. Today we will see how to add a scorer in your tournament on CricHeroes. If you have already added a tournament, go to it’s setting which on the top right corner. There you will find an option “Add or Remove Scorer” Click on that. As you can see, tournament organizer has […]

BwC S4E3 – Leander Paes | Leander Express

There’s no words… …for Leander… I mean, he’s almost like my brother you know. You always try to welcome me with a smile in the locker room… always giving me… …great advice and… …it was just such an honour to always be surrounded by you. When he played doubles, It was like a ninja playing […]

Football empowering underprivileged kids | India Plays – S1E02

My name is Tejas. Using Football, I do a lot of skills using all parts of my body. I have been performing at a lot of corporate shows and promotional advertisements… … And various shows across the world… … Through which I am able to fund my programme ‘Sparky Football’. Sparky Football is a non-profit […]

Bpl Live Cricket 2019-20 | gtv Live cricket | BPL live match today | bpl live score 2019 | T20 live

Bpl Live Cricket 2019/2020 | gtv Live cricket | BPL live match today | bpl live score 2019 | t20

India Wins T20I Series Against West Indies

Yesterday at the Wankede stadium in Mumbai, the India vs West Indies match was held. India defeated West Indies. West Indies needed 241 runs but they could not beat India’s score of 240 runs. KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli all played very well. When West Indies Pollard and Shimron Hetmyer came to bat, […]

Returning a pro tennis serve: just don’t watch the ball

Keep your eye on the ball, is one of the first pieces of sporting advice we are all given. Which seems pretty sensible, when facing an object potentially moving at 100 mph plus. But is it even possible? The average male tennis pro has a serve of around 125mph. Baseball pitchers are throwing on average […]

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Sasha Banks and Sheamus Surprise Social Influencer Fans! | WWE + Cricket Wireless

– [Man] Without further ado, your instructors. (screaming) (rock music) (gentle music) – And they have no idea what they’re in for. (upbeat music) – This is gonna be fun. – Before we start the workshop, I need to know whether or not you’re true WWE fans. Tell me why you love Sasha Banks and […]