Kerri Strug’s Unforgettable Determination to Win Gymnastics Olympic Gold | Strangest Moments

Injuries in sport – they’re unavoidable. For an athlete, injuries are part of life, but when they strike at the Olympic Games, they can put careers and legacies in jeopardy. Sometimes, pushing through the pain barrier is the only way to win a medal, but when it’s gold at stake, anything goes. US gymnast Kerri […]


this seems like a very bad idea already I guess what is up everybody welcome back to the channel I’m Josh and today I’m with my friend Florian aka venom trickshots what’s up dude it’s been a while it’s been a while we’ve done some stuff in the past but we are back for a […]

The Story of Derek Redmond’s Iconic Olympic Moment | Strangest Moments

Set… It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. The old adage is true for every sport in the Olympics, be it taekwondo… ..table tennis… ..or triathlon. While a good start in any event is important… ..the real glory is at the end. A gold medal may be the ultimate glory in the Olympics. […]


yes great what are you saying well you say may create trick succeed god I want to see everyone succeeding especially you tonight where’s everyone else all right what is going here back with another video we’re here at scotch power gathering number four here in the Hoodoo king chicken had me in Glasgow just […]

Top 10 Craziest Events Caught Live on TV

[Narrator]: Many witnessed these unforgettable events in real time thanks to the magic of broadcasting. [Reporter]: How do you measure such an astonishing moment in history? [Narrator]: Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 craziest events caught on live TV. Number 10 The Manila Hostage Crisis The ten-hour […]

Fencing’s Never-Ending Second | Strangest Moments

Fencing is a noble pursuit. For a sport that has its roots in medieval score-settling, controversy is surprisingly rare. It has featured at every Summer Olympic Games since the birth of the modern Olympic movement in 1896. During those years, fencing has stayed largely out of the spotlight. As a minority sport where honour and […]

12 Insane Pictures of 2016 Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro

1. This is a packet of cocaine recently picked up by Brazilian police with the Olympic logo on it. 2. That sure looks like a body rolled up in a sleeping bag. It was found in a city irrigation canal. 3. Garbage, garbage everywhere. 4. Burning garbage just off a major highway that cuts through […]

Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis Learns a Valuable Lesson | Strangest Moments

The very best athletes know that a bit of showboating can serve as a warning to their rivals. It sends a stark message – they can win with gas in the tank. Sometimes they get away with it, but sometimes the universe treats us to a delicious slice of instant karma. At the Turin Olympic […]

Where Extreme Sports Meets Archery!

That was sweet! That was great! Hey, how do you like Archery Tag? That is a *sick* game! Hahahaha! So how do you guys like Archery Tag? YEEEEEEAAAAH! It’s a heck of a time! It’s a little wet out here; does that bother ya? NOOOO! You think that makes it more fun? YEEAAAAH! Absolutely! Gimme […]


for time it will be the heartbreak of a generation molotovs in set peace out shroud has let them all pass 100 decided everything oh my god huge play by shroud right there the patient the patient these still get the kill it almost looked like this rule having to come out of top there […]