What it do EB and J fam back again with another video today is kind of a different videos not so much I think you guys really enjoy it hold on are you doing okay alright there you go as you can see on the competitors getting ready for her match so competitive we’d like […]


*High five sound effect* Bob: What am I doing here? Jack: OK. Bob: We’re in a match. Jack: are you making a little *Burp burp* … Bob: I sound like a… (Interupted) Bob: Like a busted ass helicopter *Both laugh* Jack: You do or like a little mini chopper Real nice video mate (COMMENCE SINGING) […]

GoPro: “Two Roads” – Tennis with the Bryan Brothers Twins (Ep. 6)

We played our first tournament at age six, and we’ve been playing tournaments pretty much every week since. My dad really made tennis fun for us. At a young age that was the key to lighting fire. We were just trying to get as many trophies as we could. Singles, doubles, mixed doubles, whatever the […]

Soccer Ball Rescue! Nerf Battle With The Super Hero Kids!

>>I bet I can kick that ball farther than you.>>No, you can’t.>>Yeah, I can. Wait! I’ve never been in this neighborhood. Where are we?>>I don’t know. Did you get us lost again?>>Um… I think we have to go that way.>>Oh great. We’re never gonna find our way home.>>This drink is freezing.>>What are you doing out […]


Karate Basketball

I came in here for Karate Ba— That… That baby with the fish… That’s lookin— I don’t think you should hold a baby like that, guy on the right with the beard and the beanie… I don’t know… Is that— Is that guy in the raincoat the guy from the… y’know, tha— the frozen fish […]

Crazy Basketball Dunk Contest! 🏀 (w/ Surprise Mystery Guests!)

English Tutorial – Tournament & Vicar/Turnaj a vikář #121 KCD|Kingdom Come

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I’m in a free house where nobody lives. And we’re going to … look, something’s going on here. I’m going to the Rataj tournament. Here the villagers are poking their ears and nose. They wash. I just can’t see the tub here. This is some […]


{Follow On Instagram @ccourion} free supreme xd Awesome This dude told us to come where? Oh my gosh. Where are we? He said to come to locker room number 1. USA, what? (usa only jake ;)) hey What? *Giggles* what can we do today oh!! its national condom day! (lol) No way? Yeah. Sooo…..I thought […]

Surprising My Son With COURTSIDE SEATS at the World’s CRAZIEST Basketball Game!