Razer Raiju Ultimate vs Scuf Vantage

– The PS4 has been seeing a bit of a resurgence when it comes to pro controllers. For a long time there was basically just three main options available but we’re starting to see a lot of these companies releasing new, revised and honestly just flat-out better designs. A couple of months back we talked […]

Unboxing Xbox Sport Blue and Night Ops Camo Special Edition Wireless Controllers [GAMESCOM SPECIAL]

[XBOX SOUND]>>We’re unboxing controllers, but no one’s told us which controllers they are.>>Yeah, I don’t see any controllers here.>>And it’s a secret. So should we, like, close our eyes?>>Hold out our hands like it’s Christmas. [MUSIC]>>Wait.>>We were just talking about sport!>>I think we need to trade.>>Okay. Oh, yeah that matches, perfect.>>I’m so blue.>>It’s like you […]

Unboxing the Xbox Wireless Controller – Sport Red Special Edition

[MUSIC]>>If you come over to my house and you see the red controller, you don’t touch the red controller. The red controller is all for me. [MUSIC]>>Yo! What’s up everyone? My name is Rukari and this is the Xbox Wireless Controller Sport Red Special Edition. We’re going to unbox this bad boy right here, right […]

Yoyyosi Shows Why He is The Best Hybrid Player! (FASTEST EDITOR on Controller & Keyboard)

Oh what the fuck anyway no DK shavon forces in the floor because never at all phone and someone too I see easy in that kill bro thank you bro come on baby Oh bro we just kill it just okay okay let's go let's go go go go now we gonna what wait I'm […]

benjyfishy | MONGRAAL & SAVAGE 36 ELIM GAME (Fortnite Trio Tournament Semi-Finals)

Tfue LOSES RESPECT for CONTROLLER PLAYERS and Explains Why… (Tfue Controller Experience)

dai have more respect for controller players now I've always had respect for controller players after playing controller uh I don't I don't think I had more respect for him I think I have a little bit less hey fortnight moments fans want more V buck giveaways make sure to use code beast in the […]

Tfue Explains Why He Has LESS RESPECT For CONTROLLER Players Now That He Has USED One!

alright there's gotta be a guy down here it's the center billion greasy isn't looted you see in this house this guy just dipped I just came down to greasing then dip you can use triggers for edit buys bro we talking on a controller or something bro I played I played for night on […]

Top 10 WORST Video Game Consoles of All Time (Redux)

Stanford engineers design video game controller that can read players' emotions

The autonomic system is the part of the brain that changes when you get excited, or when you are happy, or when you are sad We want to measure the autonomic activity in the context of video game play. You can measure this directly from the brain, or you can do what we are doing […]