Elephant satellite collaring with WWF

these few days have been extremely exciting intense and very very interesting I’m standing in the middle of Selous in South of Tanzania next to the Rufiji river and the Rufiji river is the most important lifeline to this whole area the reason I’ve been here is to document the satellite collaring of elephants within […]

Ep3: All the Small Things | EXPEDITION CONGO | #WWFVoices

now this insect has blown my mind the Congo Basin is full of so many incredible animals and just like anywhere else in the world it’s easy to focus on the big things right in front of you but if you stop and take a closer look you can find cool creatures just about anywhere […]

Ep1: Welcome to the Jungle | EXPEDITION CONGO | #WWFVoices

I’m Josh Guyan. I’m a wildlife cameraman and I’m here in the Congo Basin the second largest tropical rainforest on the planet My mission? To show you biodiversity in action The Congo Basin is the green heart of Africa it covers over 500 million acres across six different countries and tens of thousands of species […]

Behind the Scenes: The Tournament Gallery

SUZANNE: The conservation department has three conservators working in it, looking after all the objects and so far we’ve been preparing for the new tournament gallery. There are 180 objects that required preparations and we’ve spent well over 300 hours getting these objects ready for the exhibition. What conservation does to prepare objects is to […]

Does Hunting Exotic Animals Help Conservation?

Hunters say that killing rhinos, lions, elephants, hippos and other vulnerable and endangered animals will actually help protect these species, that it’s helping conservation… but IS it? Howdy humans, Trace here for DNews. In 2011, GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons was the target, last year it was newscaster Melissa Bachman, this year it’s Texas cheerleader Kendall […]

Shark Fishing Tournaments

[ music and rushing water ] [ music ] We work with local shark tournaments in the Northeast and these are tournaments where recreational fishermen, who go out and catch the shark, they’ll release a lot of sharks in the process, and they’ll bring in the largest one shark for a tournament, for a contest. […]

Tiger Cubs Playing With Dogs | Tigers About The House | BBC

with an empty stomach jars try spot on some soft food good they're eating okay I'm not gonna give him the full amount be good to get some bottle into them as well iscandar a little bit overzealous dick to push it sure enough spot soon gets his strength back and it's not long before […]

Nature League: The Musical!

[CHEERY INTRO MUSIC] [CHANNEL SURF SOUND] All right, all right, that was Meowmery fromCatz the musical coming in at number 5, shedding some light on endangered cat species aroundthe globe. If you’re just joining us, we’re countingdown this week’s top hits plus a little something extra. This week’s video countdown on Nature RequestLive is musical […]

Olympic National Park SCA Crew Testimonial

yeah one hour smiling two three yeah so when these past two weeks we took a group of high school-aged volunteers we taught them how to live in a crew and build a team and then we asked the members to take that team and remove debris from the Olympic Coast wilderness I learned a […]