Tips for Ranking Up in Competitive Season 5

yo what does go on my guardians and welcome back to another destiny to gameplay video hey in this video you are going to hear me very raspily talk about competitive specifically how to rank up in season 5 the season of the forge now I do apologize about my voice I know it sounds […]

Putting The Players Back In Multiplayer

there's an old gaming saying that claims playing somewhat with other people automatically makes it more fun but is it true well yes the things are actually a little bit more complicated than you might think see recently I decided to give one Warcraft to revisit some Waikiki grab some footage and despite the fact […]

Summer Skirmish Week 7 Victory!! – Fortnite Tournament Gameplay – Ninja & Dr Lupo

I got at least two rips by the cactuses three rifts got three rows by mine yep any Jess here at all for you brother no I'm flying I'm flying pass I'm flying pass no we're stopping up there oh I'll have anything I got one shot no no chance up y'all don't care these […]

Wage Determination in a Perfectly Competitive Labour Market

let's continue folks looking at where wages come from in a perfectly competitive labor market and the implication that has on firms who are operating under such market conditions now we are making two key assumptions here number one that firms are operating in a perfectly competitive labor market but also that firms are operating […]


for years people didn't believe me and for years they thought I wasn't gonna mount for nothing well mom I'm here to tell you that gosh dang it man you were right because I've just been dropping SR I don't know what happened I recorded my funny moments next thing you know I was just […]

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game [Switch/PS4/XOne/PC] Gameplay Trailer [JAP]

car いいえ雨考慮 tee ますこんにちはマツアー健です 今回は陸上の100m をやってみたいと思います 100m といえばオリンピック色全部の中でも一番注目される 花形種目じゃないかなというふうに思いますでこの100メートルのポイントなんです が ポイント1 まずはスタートのタイミングを合わせてボタン押してスタートダッシュを決めましょう point 2とにかくボタン連打で加速してラストスパートを決めましょう では早速やってみましょう 今スターじゃあむつってますけど新国立と同じデザインでねー やってますから 本番の迫力をいち早く味わえる 最終戦4以上で準決勝進出と緊張のスタートです 家路ためて郷ケ丘をシュシュ ないささぁと 優しそうとスタートこのんねやはり来たかなぁ もっとバーンッ 189 [音楽] tee まずは予選通過ということで次準拠しておきます とボタンが系たら芸西を食べる 今だ すげーよし manoi ぞ これはリゾッ9お湯を言う 池用紙 重要な名坊 上がったいっ ええええええ アプメートル決勝戦これね細いんですが減っ小生はちゃんと5時間帯夜になってですよ ね メダル獲りてぇ 牡馬が2人ぷっ 警視庁の熱の速い映像もやっぱチェックや9件 a 再開位 スタート早みんな さあ陸上100m やってみました 決勝まで行ったんですけど決勝なんと8です タイムを10秒8ということでやっぱり100m といえば 中8台行きたいでしまうメダルを取りたいなというふうに思うんですけれどもそれに 行くには上級操作というのがあって この上級操作ではスーパーベスト スタートタイミングぱっちーというやつとあとはゴールの瞬間の畝鍼ですね 陸上でこうやるやつですねそれが決まれば […]

Kid Calls Controller Players TRASH! ft. Nickmercs (Fortnite Battle Royale – Random Squads)

COD Black Ops – Competitive Gaming

enemy care package okay oh it's just one of those games oh listen to my teammates ragin this doesn't really happen this off it's ridiculous they're to being there just you ever get into those games where you could solve these problems by just switching a flak jacket but you'll really feel like using flak […]