Karen y Ricardo Defy Physics to “Bemba Colora” – World of Dance 2018 (Full Performance)

[“Bemba Colora” by Celica Cruz] – ♪ Vaya ♪ – Yes! – Spin it! ♪ – Whoo! – ♪ Pa’ mi tu no eres na’ ♪ Tu tienes la Bemba Colora all: ♪ Pa’ mi, tu no eres na’ ♪ ♪ Tu tienes la Bemba Colora – ♪ Recoge, recoge, recoge la bemba ay ♪ […]

Olympic Archery Explained

[shhh-thunk] Hey guys, this is NUSensei. As you’re probably aware by now there’s been a huge buzz with the Olympic Games kicking off in Rio, and already in the archery events there’s been a lot of excitement and success. The South Korean men’s team and the women’s team taking the gold medals in their respective […]

Tournament of Madness w/ SpongeBob, Game Shakers, & More! | Nick

ANNOUNCER: It’s that time of year, sports fans, when everyone freaks out for March, which means it’s time for the Tournament of Madness! [SCREAMING] Henry! ANNOUNCER: We’re bringing you a sports-tastic showdown in a super bracket brawl where Nick characters will go head to head on this gorgeous graph to see who had the funniest […]

Ellen’s First Baby Olympics: Curling Edition

Since we can’t be at the Olympics, I wanted to bring the Olympics to us. So, today, I’m kicking off my own competition. Let’s meet our three athletes for our first Ellen Baby Olympics. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right. First of all, representing Oceanside, California, we have baby Coleman and his mom, Natalie. Coleman is seven […]

Sports Gender Controversy – Bonus Scene | Gender Revolution

NARRATOR: Intersex. Even if you’ve heard the word, you may not know what it is. And that’s not surprising because intersex doesn’t mean just one thing. It refers to a variety of different conditions in which a child is born with anatomy that doesn’t completely conform to what’s traditionally understood to be male or female. […]

The Kings’ Final Routine is an Action Movie Live on Stage – World of Dance World Finals 2019

– This is where we live. This is where we rule. We are The Kings. [Devi Sri Prasad’s “Aadevadanna Eedevadanna”] – Whoa! [indistinct chanting] – Whoo! – Yeah! [indistinct chanting] [cheers and applause] – Whoa! – Remember, we show no mercy! – Whoa! What? – Kings. Prepare for glory. [wild cheering] – Whoo! – Jesus. […]

London School of Economics Tennis: Sports Insight

(techno music) – So I think the best thing about being part of the tennis club is that it’s literally open to anybody. No matter if you’ve never picked up a racquet before. And maybe if you are an amazing player or decent player and you wanna join a team, there’s still player out here […]

Unstoppable 9-Yr-Old Tennis Prodigy!

RICK MACCI: Gabriella goes after the ball, it’s like a heat-seeking missile. GABRIELLA PRICE: I’m 4 foot 3, and 60 pounds. MARC PRICE: Gabriella always wants to win at every single thing she does. MICHELLE PRICE: You can see that she has that passion, and she really wants it. GABRIELLA PRICE: I wanna be one […]

All-Around Relay – Olympians vs Influencers | The Global Games

Previously on Global Games, the competitors hit the waves and tried to hit the bull’s-eye in the aquatic biathlon challenge. The team that had the surest shot was influencer Derek and Olympian Asafa, who took the gold. It’s influencer Hendo that remains the overall medal count winner but silver and bronze are completely up for […]

Disability Gymnastics – a sport for everyone

ALEX: I’m Alex Clifford, a Disability Gymnast. A Disability Gymnastics programme has been in place at British Gymnastics since 1985. The sport used to be known as ‘GMPD’ and it has now been changed to ‘Disability Gymnastics’ We’re going to show you some of the benefits and how you can get involved in this fantastic […]