Billy:In “Finding Football” we’ll bring you the best football talents,celebrity musicians, unique football pitches,and explore the beautiful game across the globe.We’re in Japan to see how cooperation, discipline,and intensity have fueled the meteoric rise in Asian football.We’ll suit up for the world’s oldest tekkers game,get schooled by a master warrior,and later we’ll be joined by […]

The Script – Superheroes (Audio)

⭐️ how i got into ucla ⭐️ (grades, essays, the system)

hello, are you just there alone? you haven’t found anyone? (eheheha) (cute donkey noise) classic. (singing to Ain’t it Fun by Paramore) (singing to Still Into You by Paramore) (humming in alien) (pretending to preform a concert) (being a dance icon) sugar, sugar, sugar. (more alien noise, but like a cute alien) (sippy sippy) good! […]

The Script – Superheroes (Official Video)

Stand by, stand by All her life, she has seen All the meaner side of me They took away the prophet’s dream 5 00:00:41,50 –>00:44:,00 For a profit on the street Now she’s stronger than you know A heart of steel starts to grow All his life, he’s been told He’ll be nothing when he’s […]

The Incredible Weightlifter Who Wouldn’t Give Up | Against All Odds

(BRIDGESTONE PRESENTS) Oscar didn’t dream about just any Olympic medal, he dreamt of the gold medal. The ghost of Beijing cannot be back again. This is where my sports career ends. You are the best. Do it and you’re guaranteed a medal. (AGAINST ALL ODDS, OSCAR FIGUEROA) In the world of Olympic sports, it all […]

The Secret to a Stellar College Application Essay – Harvard Grad Tips

Hello my bold bright people, it’s ya girl Ahsante the Artist helping you move consciously and creatively through life, so let’s go It’s that time of year where millions of teens will be trying to sum up their lives in a few sheets of paper to see if the past 12 years of toiling away […]


okay I'm sorry in advance for my grossest I just got back from track practice and really sweaty I'm actually gonna take this up I'm sorry I'm just cus taking but I applied early decision to Dartmouth I had track practice it is currently 5:45 they came in at 4:00 I haven't looked yet because […]

🔥IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE DECISION REACTIONS: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, etc. | Katie Tracy

Aloha it's Katie and sorry if I'm a bit quiet my brother is still sleeping actually my parents and everyone we're still sleeping it's currently 8 so 8 am here in Japan today is March 29 and it's IB day I applied to six IBS and appearing back on all of them at 7 p.m. […]

How Powerful Is The Ivy League?

US President Barack Obama's oldest daughter Malia will begin studying at Harvard University in 2017 Malia will join a long line of presidents children who have studied at the elite group of universities known as the Ivy League so what is the appeal of an Ivy League education and why are these schools so powerful […]

The Incredible Weightlifter Who Wouldn't Give Up | Against All Odds