Grand Piano Competition 2018: Finals (II/II) – Alexandra Dovgan (The Grand Prize winner )

Meet the Competitor: Eric Lu

my name is Eric Liu I am 20 years old I'm Massachusetts and now I'm studying at Curtis Institute in Philadelphia for me the leads is one of the most important piano competitions we have and this is very attractive to me because I guess the style of some of the cast winners is some […]

Joshua Wright – Chopin Piano Competition 2015 (preliminary round)

stage III, 14.10.2015 (10 a.m.–2.10 p.m.) 17th Chopin Piano Competition

#Cliburn2017 Meet the Competitors: Kenneth Broberg (United States)

#Cliburn2017 Meet the Competitors: Han Chen (Taïwan)

ROSL 67th Annual Music Competition Gold Medal Final

it's really exciting to be back in the crew news report tonight watch everyone playing in the this year's Russell final and we were both feeling really nervous sitting there just thinking back to how nervous we were when we did our competition but everyone has played such an interesting program and really played just […]

17th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition

Practice, happiness, dreams Incredible, unimaginable happiness the world

Gala and Main Prize-Winners' Concert – 17th Chopin Piano Competition

Flash mob at Copenhagen Central Station. Copenhagen Phil playing Ravel's Bolero.