SMALL SEDAN SHOOTOUT — 2020 Toyota Corolla SE vs. Honda Civic Sport: Comparison

Corolla versus Civic has consistently been one of the fiercest rivalries in the entire auto industry They have traded places as the Sales Leader at various points in history, but recently the Civic has been coming out on top but now Toyota is Retaliating with an all-new and vastly improved Corolla to take on the […]

Rivals: Honda Civic, Chevy Cruze and Mazda 3 battle for affordable hatchback supremacy

sick of seeing SUVs on every corner us to most crossovers are just hatchbacks standing up on their tiptoes nearly all look alike and the majority aren't even all-wheel-drive so why not just buy a hatchback we've gathered three of our favorites here so that you can see why this cheaper more efficient body style […]

Civic Feed monitor your Brand and Competitors lifetime deal Appsumo

hey what's going on guys my name is Jorge and this is a semester today we're going to check out civic feet which is a pretty awesome alert system for your competitor for your brand or for a future product updates alert yeah that's a little trick I use it for awesome but I'm gonna […]

2019 Honda Civic Sport Review | When You Can't Afford a Type-R or SI

hey you guys what is going on and welcome back to the show here in front of me is the 2019 Honda Civic Sport I know not the most exciting it's kind of tough to get excited about a Civic unless it is the Type R but it's got VTEC it's bright red and it […]

Honda Champions For Change Competition – An intro to Innovation

the 2017 Honda Civic is all about change we asked Champions have changed from across industry about the importance of innovation hi my name is York I'm with headcase and we have invented the world's toughest cycle helmet my name is sebastian wood and i'm one of the team members behind the people switch project […]

The New 2019 Honda Civic Sport Looks Fast, Handles Great, But is it Too Slow?

pantagathus Nathan coming at you from the hills of Malibu California and this is 2019 Honda Civic sport the sport is a new package for the hatchback and sedan and it's got lots of new goodies and coming up next we're gonna tell you all about them and we're going to drive around these hills […]

Is the 2019 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T a better PERFORMER than the Camry?

hey guys what's up it's Joe Reddy from Reddy's rise I'm back here at Tampa Honda and we have another great amazing Honda product to bring to you this is a 2019 Honda Accord this is the one you've been asking me for the 2-liter turbo sport with the 10 speed automatic transmission so let's […]

Is the 2019 Honda Civic Sport the RIGHT compact car to BUY?

hey guys what's up its Joe Reddy from radies rise I'm at this undisclosed location and we have a special 2019 Honda Civic here and what makes this extra special this is my first ever on rabies rides media press fleet vehicle so basically American Honda has let me ball this car for a week […]