The Most Overpaid Player From EVERY NBA Team This 2018-19 Season

now a little over a year ago I made a video looking at the ten most overpaid players for the 2017 an eighteen season and then a few months later on I made one on the most overpaid player from every team but that one got taken down but now we're doing it again for […]

NBA Players REACT to Russel Westbrook TRADE

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James Harden and Russell Westbrook are team players – Max Kellerman | First Take

Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Mike Vrabel, Women sports pay, Trump blocks ruling, Stranger Things 3

welcome in to outkick the show Friday edition this is probably gonna be my final I'll kick the show for at least a week I'm leaving for Colorado with my family on this weekend and so want to knock out this show and then I'm gonna kick back and go on vacation and West's major […]

NBA Players React To Russell Westbrook & Chris Paul Trade

now just as we think the NBA's offseason won't have any more huge moves one of the biggest deals this summer takes place with Russell Westbrook being traded to the Rockets but what did players from the league up to say about this and if James Harden obviously I don't laugh to say about this […]

BREAKING: Russell Westbrook Traded To The Houston Rockets For Chris Paul & Draft Picks

welcome into this special breaking news edition of MBA now here on chat sports YouTube live I am James Yoder my first time hosting an MBA show solo I believe breaking in here where we at 9:24 Eastern 624 on the west coast we have a blockbuster mph trade Russell Westbrook mr. triple-double himself the […]

12 Greatest NBA Defenders Who NEVER Won Defensive Player of the Year

there have been a ton of great mba defenders throughout history some of them have won Defensive Player of the Year others wanted multiple times however there's always been a ton of great defenders who never won the award whether it's because they didn't have the same recognition or popularity or maybe it's because they […]

10 Greatest Against All Odds Stories in the NBA Today (Part 1)

players that make it to the NBA come from all across the world and everyone has different backgrounds and different stories for how they made it to the league some have had an easy path and some have been lucky to even make it to this point alive so we're gonna look at the ten […]

8 Players It's TOO EARLY to Give Up On

there's a lot of young players in the league that have huge early expectations from how they were hyped up and where they were selected in the NBA Draft but not every player lives up to the hype and those expectations right away which can lead to a majority of people giving up on them […]

NBA Players Girlfriends And Wives