Soccer Without Borders

The word refugee has become a political word in 2015 the global displacement crisis really became top of mind across 60 million people 30 million children, I mean this is One of the most pressing issues of our generation Right here with your coaches at this bowl Please Soccer Without Borders aims to use soccer […]

Learn Colors with Funny Pacman Pig and 3D Soccer Balls for Children

Score The Basket | Pepee Cartoon Shows | Stories For Children – Kids Channel

Score The Basket – Pepee Cartoon

YMCA Youth Basketball Program

It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about just going out, having fun, learning how to play the game, but you’re making friends out of it too. Hi, my name’s Marquel, and I’m a basketball instructor at the YMCA. Being where I was for a year and where they are today, I’ve seen the growth. […]

ABC Soccer Song | Learn Alphabets | Videos For Children

A B C Socer Song…

On tennis, love and motherhood | Serena Williams and Gayle King

Gayle King: Have a seat, Serena Williams, or should we say, have a seat, mom. (Cheers) So no doubt, you guys are like me. You saw the release of Serena in that great yellow bathing suit last week and when I saw it, all I could think of was, “Gosh, why couldn’t she have waited […]

Bad Mad Baby Hits Crying Baby With Football | learn colors soccer balls | for kids


YMCA Youth Soccer Program

Every day in my job, I see kids making progress and being more confident and coming back to the Y, and this is because they enjoy coming to our programs. My name is Zoran, and I’m a soccer instructor at the YMCA. The soccer program is allowing kids to learn the basic fundamentals of the […]

Soccer Ball Rescue! Nerf Battle With The Super Hero Kids!

>>I bet I can kick that ball farther than you.>>No, you can’t.>>Yeah, I can. Wait! I’ve never been in this neighborhood. Where are we?>>I don’t know. Did you get us lost again?>>Um… I think we have to go that way.>>Oh great. We’re never gonna find our way home.>>This drink is freezing.>>What are you doing out […]